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Friday, October 9

Boy Girl Party


Blazer, Cartonnier at Anthropologie; jeans, H&M;
tank (top one), H&M; boots, Target; necklace, Anthropologie.

Okay, so I folded pretty quickly and got the necklace. It didn't help that it was the *very last one* left in the store. And this outfit demonstrates my point - you can edge it out and wear it with an otherwise masculine outfit to balance it.

Oh, and I meant to talk about this but I suppose I never did. These boots. I saw them in some lookbook for a Target collection and immediately felt like gimmegimmegimme. Because am I not mistaken or do they not look pretty much identical to these?

Frye Harness 12R boots

Which have been on my fall wishlist for oh, the past three or four years?

I was in Target buying household items and happened to walk by the shoe department. And there they were. So far, I'm pleased. They're real leather, are very comfortable (which on my personal scale means, can be worn for 8+ hours up on my feet), and well, have that same cowgirl/tough girl feel as the originals. Win!


  1. I totally agree w/ you on the boots from Target ... I purchased a pair & wore them to work for 8 hrs. They are super comfortable & affordable!

  2. when it said "boots, target" i thought it was a misprint! score! miss you buttercakes.

  3. Gahhh, my feet are dying for a break, but I keep remembering that Julia Restoin Roitfield quote that's, "I'm European. I wake up in heels." And then I think, "I'll be damned if that girl wears a pair of killer heels from her insane shoe collection, and I look frumpy in heels." Those boots are cute, though.

    How come I haven't run into you around town yet???

  4. Absolutely lovely, Jinah! I love those boots! Target did a similar Frye knock-off last fall and I wear those things around everywhere! Love, love, love your necklace too!
    Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!

  5. Yay you got the necklace! It looks awesome. And yep, those are a dead ringer for the Fryes.

    Such a cute look as usual :)

  6. Where oh where did you get that necklace?! I have been looking for one, and yours seems to be just it. Please email me and let me know, thanks!

  7. Ya pretty much after seeing the outfits on this page, I'm following you


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