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Friday, October 2


Jacket, H&M; dress (underneath), Erin Fetherston for Target;
shoes, Ms. Albright at Anthropologie.

So the quest for this jacket was pretty ridiculous. I'd been cutting off my trips to H&M (and Zara and Forever 21 and Target, etc. etc.) because I'm supposed to be on a shopping ban, right? And by avoiding cheap chic places I could avoid impulse spending.

And then I saw this on a girl I think it was on LookBook. Yes, I have a perfectly acceptable substitute that I love, but the idea of having a more legit band jacket jacket just wouldn't leave me alone. I went to H&M and left empty handed three times before they sold me the one that came off the mannequin in the window.

Now I can look like I'm in costume all the time.

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I've been struck down with sickness and all the time I've spent out of bed has been in haphazard outfits since I have been getting dressed more or less in the dark.

Thus the overly costumey outfit. Oh well. Atleast I got the jacket.


  1. This screams to be worn with knee socks. Or over the knee socks. I feel like the H&M in Atlanta is a disappointment. We never get all the good stuff that everyone else seems to have.

  2. OMG!! LOVE the military jacket. I like the way you paired the edgy jacket with a flirty dress.

  3. LOVE this!!!! Such a great jacket. Good thing you went back four times. It's amazing!

  4. That jacket is wonderful! Nothing wrong with being in costume all the time~ haha



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