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Tuesday, March 27

Agyness Deyn + Rebecca Minkoff SS12

Longtime readers of my blog will know: I am a bonafide bag lady. My bag of choice? She's usually designed by a little lady named Rebecca Minkoff

I'm a little embarrassed to admit, one of the main reasons I got into the brand is due to the AS SEEN ON blurbs from celebrity fashion sites. Agyness Deyn, Lauren Conrad, and most of the cast of Gossip Girl were always toting her bags. As your resident bag lady and alpha consumer, I had to know: Who makes that? and Where do I get one?!

Aggy has probably been the longest standing fan of her work. Which is fitting for the current campaign video, don'tcha think? Just try not to smile when you watch this.

Wednesday, March 14

KAWs at the High Museum + OOTD

Things I am good at: eating out, styling strangers, organizing sales, and otherwise making lots of plans.

Things I am not good at: sharing anything about above activities in a timely manner.

For those of you that also follow Alicia of kittenmasks, you already know that we went to the museum not too long ago.

Culture and art with @kittenmasks.
She recently came back into town, and culture hound that she is, suggested we go see the new KAWS exhibit at the High. I had missed the opening party a few days prior (as is what happens when you work x3 and go to school), so I was immediately on board.

For those of you unfamiliar with KAWS, let's start with the basics. Brooklyn born artist Brian Donnelly spent a chunk of his early career animating backgrounds at Disney. After spending time working on 90s-era cartoons, he decided to return to his first love: graffiti and street art. Because of his unique background, the standard sterile corporate framework and the wild unbound street energy result in the most incredible subversive yet technically perfect pieces.

You really have to see the exhibit in person to believe. As a former painting student, I was totally blown away by the large scale canvases up close. Every line and stroke is stupidly precise. I was staring at everything so hard I started to worry I'd touch my nose to the canvas and get kicked out.

That's the end of your contemporary art lesson for the day. This is what I wore to the exhibition.

Photo taken by Alicia


I thought a eyecatching print in neutral tones would be the perfect complement to the exhibit.

Outfit details:
Vintage dress purchased at Kudzu Antiques (similar here)
Belt from Anthropologie
Frye Carson Pull-On in Slate
Longchamp le pliage tote

Thursday, March 1

February Photo Challenge: Days 22-29 & Announcement!

Here's the last installment for this month's photo challenge!

Overdressed for the weather today. My #shoes by @TheFryeCompany #febphotoaday
23. Your shoes. The Melissa Riding Tall by Frye.

Yesterday's #febphotoaday. Inside my bathroom cabinet.
24. Inside your bathroom cabinet. This is skin products only. Hair and makeup stuff live in another cabinet.

#Green with envy. Came home to find this booger still in bed. It's been a FULL DAY. #febphotoaday
25. Green. With envy that is. I came home from a long day of school and work to find this butterbean still tucked under the covers. Good life, I tell ya.

See the stars come out at night. #febphotoaday #theoscars
26. Night. Can you guess which night this was?

The usual spread. Dinner from last week. #food #febphotoaday #Indian
27. Something you ate. Markus and I really love Zyka for our Indian food fix. Don't be fooled by the cafeteria trays and styrofoam plates, the food really is delicious. Here we have the Chili Chicken, samosas, Paneer Makhani, and naan.

And days 28 and 29 got sucked into my latest project, which I've been hinting at all week. Okay, not really a longterm project by any means, but a To-Do, nonetheless.

Friends who know me can only guess the depth of my closet. It knows no bounds. So it's been a while since I've done a thorough cleansing. How else to do it than with some of my favorite gals? Lana, whose closet rivals my own, will be participating as well. Hope to see some of you Atlanta and Decatur ladies there!

OOTD: Lost Time Skirt for this Extra Day

February 29 2012 1
Happy Leap Year! I took this opportunity to make a visual pun with my Lost Time skirt. While this skirt is suitable for most seasons of the year, for some reason it only sticks out in my mind to be worn on New Year's Eve. So when I was plotting my outfit for the day, I couldn't help but feel really clever for pulling this out today.

February 29 2012 4
The leopard with the bold design of the skirt was kind of a daring choice. But the colors really worked, so I decided to go for it.

February 29 2012 3

February 29 2012 5
And leopard on leopard was a little crazy, but that's what leopard print anything's all about, right? Being a little crazy. :)

February 29 2012 2
All topped off with a bright orange (rather than the classic red) lip. Today felt like a big sartorial win.

Outfit details:
Other ways I've worn this skirt:

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