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Thursday, March 1

February Photo Challenge: Days 22-29 & Announcement!

Here's the last installment for this month's photo challenge!

Overdressed for the weather today. My #shoes by @TheFryeCompany #febphotoaday
23. Your shoes. The Melissa Riding Tall by Frye.

Yesterday's #febphotoaday. Inside my bathroom cabinet.
24. Inside your bathroom cabinet. This is skin products only. Hair and makeup stuff live in another cabinet.

#Green with envy. Came home to find this booger still in bed. It's been a FULL DAY. #febphotoaday
25. Green. With envy that is. I came home from a long day of school and work to find this butterbean still tucked under the covers. Good life, I tell ya.

See the stars come out at night. #febphotoaday #theoscars
26. Night. Can you guess which night this was?

The usual spread. Dinner from last week. #food #febphotoaday #Indian
27. Something you ate. Markus and I really love Zyka for our Indian food fix. Don't be fooled by the cafeteria trays and styrofoam plates, the food really is delicious. Here we have the Chili Chicken, samosas, Paneer Makhani, and naan.

And days 28 and 29 got sucked into my latest project, which I've been hinting at all week. Okay, not really a longterm project by any means, but a To-Do, nonetheless.

Friends who know me can only guess the depth of my closet. It knows no bounds. So it's been a while since I've done a thorough cleansing. How else to do it than with some of my favorite gals? Lana, whose closet rivals my own, will be participating as well. Hope to see some of you Atlanta and Decatur ladies there!


  1. agh, i so wish i could shop your closet! seriously. i know it's a super hassle, but would you consider putting what doesn't sell online?

  2. sigh. threeto! and I`m so jealous of your cat sleeping there so soundly (and yer boots)!


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