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Tuesday, August 21

Parlez-Vous Kate Spade?

Much anticipated, I finally received the alert I'd been waiting for from Kate Spade: August Update, with the Print of the Month.

Print of the Month being: GARANCE DORE Y'ALL.

After seeing snippets on Pinterest and Tumblr (thanks to the lovely Sara Zucker) months before, I vowed to save all my pennies to buy all of the dresses. Still a bit of a pipe dream, but I can still enjoy the eye candy. Maybe as this year's birthday dress, just maybe.

Onto the parade of things I love from this collection, which not only includes Garance's illustrations, but is Frenchie-French. As a major francophile, everything is right up my alley.

A cocktail dress that is cocktail party print!

Cocktail party, cocktail party!

A little bit Wednesday Addams, a little bit Erin Fetherston.

Kimberly Dress, $548

"All the girls are crazy," in Garance's loopy scrawl.

Laura Top, $248

Very mod, pop art, but really very sweet. Gives a new meaning to the bow-tie, n'est-ce pas?

And this is maybe my favorite: a gilded croissant!

This is more my speed: I got excited about Kate Spade's fall line, and all I got was this cutie cute t-shirt. Waiting patiently for mine to arrive so I can wear it with my low brow French-inspired garb.

And err, hi! A more involved update on what I've been doing/wearing/seeing during my 5 month hiatus to follow.
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