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Sunday, March 29

Sailing Away



Dress, laundry by design; cardigan thing, Old Navy; scarf (as necklace), Mango; sandals, Saltwater Sandals; bag, Lesportsac.

I decided to mesh the whole nautical and business clothes themes into this outfit. Primarily because the dress is polyester and therefore rain friendly. It was raining buckets and buckets this weekend and I couldn't be bothered to wear anything silk or cotton because it would stretch out funky or get stained.

It was also far too cold for sandals on Friday when I wore this out, but I didn't know what other shoes could withstand the torrential downpour. What are you supposed to wear when it's too warm for boots and too cold for sandals?? For some reason I don't own proper raingear. In college, on the really heavy rainy days, I'd just wear my hiking sandals and call it a day. As a grown up in a semi conservative workplace, I'm at a loss.

Oh, and I gave in and bought this tote. I love how I get to support Fifi Lapin in a subtle and mainstream way.

And I tied a square scarf into a necklace a la Dottie of Fashion Nation.

Businessy clothes




Dress, Richard Chai for Target; cardigan, J. Crew; scarf, Anthropologie; tights, H&M.

This is what I wore to sit my really long exam and then to work right afterward. I really like sheer tights for spring. I found these at H&M at 2 for $6.90 and thought why not indulge in the trend. I'm glad the GMAT's over. And I find that sometimes dressing the part helps my mindset during career and businessy things.

Oh and I found these sweet colored wayfarers at Forever 21. I've been dying for a pair of Ray Ban's crazy candy colored ones they put out last year but just couldn't justify a pricey new pair of sunglasses. These were exactly the color I wanted at a price I liked.

Also, I'm hoping this stockings photo doesn't launch me into weird nylons fetish modeling, ahh!

Wednesday, March 25

How to Procrastinate

Or what I've been doing when not working, studying, or sleeping.

1. Reading. I finally chugged through a few paperbacks I had picked up months ago. I most recently finished reading Sloane Crosley's I Was Told There'd be Cake, which is a fun little collection of biographical essays in the same vein as Laurie Notaro or David Sedaris. Technically I'm also in the middle of a whopper called the GMAT Review. Barf.

2. Similarly, reading blogs. I recently came across Nice Looks Good on You, which I love. The premise is simple - Chelsea documents the nice strangers she comes across in her day to day accompanied by moleskine sketches. I look forward to these little blurbs. Better than PostSecret and FML because she keeps it real.

3. Playing Broken Picture Telephone. Okay, so this time suck I just discovered yesterday. It's way too hilarious and fun and hard to stop playing when I should be doing more important things.

The game expands on the game of telephone by interjecting pictures between messages. As in the game in real life, the original message can become garbled and lost in translation. Hilarity ensues.

Visual for those who are confused:

Unfortunately these are only so fashion related. Maybe I will have to move to another part of the blogosphere.

Right now I'm staring at a bunch of fabric prints on The shopping monster in me is itching to hit the checkout button. Maybe after this week I will get into project making again, for real.

I'm hiding. Just like the sun.



Top, Urban Outfitters; skirt, Anthropologie; shoes, H&M; necklace, June Shin; bag, Hayden Harnett.

I wore this out almost a week ago. I don't know where the time goes! In unpacking the boxes and boxes of warm weather clothes, I unearthed this skirt. This was a graduation present from last year. I've only managed to wear it out twice and have spilled curry on it both times, this time included.

My days of hiding indoors in pajamas are almost over. My dreaded GMAT test date is almost here and with it hopefully regularly scheduled blogging.

Thursday, March 19

I heart Jean Touitou



Shirt, APC Madras; jeans, H&M; espradilles, Ann Taylor Loft.

Day two of Shirley Temple curls. I'm almost convinced I want to have (permed) curly hair again. I miss having lower maintenance hair.

I forgot I had this shirt! I decided to pull it out to celebrate early Spring. Sometimes I buy clothes as souvenirs from trips. This blouse stands as a reminder of the time I dragged my little sister into Soho and spent an hour and a half at A.P.C. And the next day we went to see the Spice Girls.

Apparently also I was celebrating the last of my frumpy business clothes by pulling out these shoes. OH WELL.

Ticking off the last days of winter...




Dress and jacket, H&M; black cardigan (under jacket), Old Navy; infinity scarf thing, Target; socks, American Apparel; boots, online somewhere?

Even though I'm dying for regularly scheduled warm days all day everyday, I can't help but want to squeeze a few more wears out of my favorite cold weather gear! I'm going to miss my boot collection! Hopefully the non-wool scarves can remain in rotation paired with tanks - air conditioning in the summers can be arctic cold!

I got bored yesterday night and put my hair into rag curls. Haha! I didn't think it through and forgot that short hair in curls = triangle head. Oops. I look like Shirley Temple.

Oh and I cheated (I got bored with trying to make my own to my satisfaction) and found this infinity scarf at Target while taking a peek at the McQ stuff. I had a gift card, and for $16.99, why not?

Monday, March 16

Nom nom noms


In case you are wondering where I have been hiding lately, I've been preoccupied with studying for the GMAT (ick). Which entails me sitting around at home in basically pajamas most days while drinking large glasses of juice.

Also, I am a known hoarder and somehow have amassed an embarrassingly large stash of Girl Scout cookies. Considering that I'm the only one that eats out of this pantry, this is kind of sick. I couldn't help it - the other night I was at Phipps Plaza (after leaving work at closing time) to see a movie and there was a table where a little girl and her mom had set up shop. First of all, that is brilliant to bring cookies to the mall. Second of all, why were they there after shops close? Phipps basically shuts down at like, 8. It was almost 10 when I got there. When was this girl's bed time?

Oh goodness. I bought three boxes. I hope she wins some prizes.

Putting it back together




Dress, Anthropologie; vest, Zara; boots, Frye; necklace, Marc Jacobs (from the accessories store).

Trying to get a little more mileage from these boots before it gets so absurdly hot (because oh it will) and I can't wear them until next November.

I forgot I had this dress and found it in a pile of dry cleaning the other day. Meg Ryan's character in The Women was wearing it and I had secretly been wondering where mine had run off to. They pressed all the wrinkles that it was supposed to have in it out at the cleaner's so now it is way big. Um that's the only reason I threw on another layer. The end.

Orange you glad...




Cardigan, J. Crew; jeans, Old Navy; boots, Minnetonka; bag, Rebecca Minkoff.

Remember this sweater? I've been slowly unpacking my Spring clothes and decided more color was in order to counteract the miserably rainy weather we've been having. As soon as I got out of my car to walk in to work, my shoes and pant hems were promptly soaked.

Well, I guess at least we're not on track for another drought.

Saturday, March 14

Purse Charms

Jemma the dachshund

So for two months now, I've been trying to get the ball rolling on my next diy project - I really wanted to make little purse charms. Not that my accessories need accessories, but seriously I need as much glitter rainbows and cuteness as possible in my day to day. After fruitlessly searching for supplies for several weeks now (would you believe that no craft supply stores have restocked peacock feathers?!), I'm almost at my wit's end. I'm hesitant to order supplies online because honestly, how do you package feathers to send in the mail? I want pretty undamaged plumes.

And then I was happily clicking through listings on etsy and stumbled upon leatherprince. Cuteness galore in lots of colors! None of the designs seem childish but remain whimsical and look so well made! Beon and Candy, husband and wife team, make these in their leather shop in Singapore.

I want them all. If you have been following my blog for a while, you know about my sickening handbag acquisition... They need accessories! Now only which ones to choose from... Ahhh I can't get over the colossal cuteness!

Chii the sheep

Winny the turtle

Spencer the springer spaniel

Maybe this is what I need as inspiration to search a little bit harder. I want to make bohemian clip ons with bright feathers and suede string and little trinkets like compass charms. Argh, does anyone have any hints on where to look other than Pearl Paint, Michael's, Jo-Ann's, and Hobby Lobby? I'm at a loss.

The Wackness

I don't know if it was the Daylight Savings time change or the crazy hot and cold weather, but I've been all out of whack this week. My sleep schedule is all messed up and I keep waking up feeling not rested enough.

That on top of feeling guilty for even thinking about spending conspicuously has kept me from really updating or even feeling inspired. I think today I rested up enough and can get back into posting again. There have been no outfit posts because, well, there have been no outfits to speak of. I've had those lazy, throw on a v neck and jeans days so many times this week. On my days off, I've been in lounge wear and cooping myself up inside to get my study on for the GMAT.

So being poor and feeling weird and spending way too much time exploring on the web has resulted in the following wishlist - apparently I don't care or require if any of my wardrobe is coherent. Oh well.

Things I would buy if I could afford to buy them:
(or maybe, a list of things that you should buy, stimulating the economy and all)

Mr. Mittens Big Adventure Shirt

Fifi Lapin tote
Full of cuteness and supporting a blogger? Yes yes yes.

McQ for Target One shoulder dress
Is anyone else ridiculously frust that this is so hard to find?! I'm just not a
trousers kind of girl and need the dress from this collection sry.
After the Orla Kiely canisters fiasco I am so not willing to drive
around to a billion Targets again.

Sam Edelman wedges
I'm feeling like I need new shoes. Fierce ones.

Carrillo Shift dress
Ugh this is so amazing in person. The texture of the fabric and the
brass buttons make it feel so much more expensive.

Baby Groovee
Um it's small. I like the mini version of things.


Will make a more substantial post soon!

Thursday, March 12

Gap's Give and Get

Gap Inc. has partnered up with a number of organizations and is offering 30% off from March 12-15 at Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy. One of my girlfriends is a Teach for America alum and asked me to pass this along: 5% of proceeds from the sales generated from this promotion will go to TFA.

It is a multiple use coupon for in-store use only. You can use it on full price as well as sale merchandise! I think there are also invitation only coupons floating around that are distributed by Gap to their best customers and by Gap employees to friends and family. If you are lucky to get your hands on one of those, it includes a one time use online coupon code. If anyone's not using theirs, please send it along! I'm dying to get my hands on those Pierre Hardy sandals they don't carry in-store.

Tuesday, March 10

The Warehouse Sale

For my Atlanta lovelies:

There is going to be yet another warehouse sale (I neglected to mention or attend the one with Bill Hallman this year! DRATS!), this one specifically for denim. The company that runs these events is actually called "The Warehouse Sale." I went last year and scored a new pair of J Brands and some Diesels for less than half off! It was super fun and maybe prices and selection will be even better this year!

You can shop Friday March 20, 2-8PM and Saturday March 21, 10-4PM in the Twelve Ballroom at Atlantic Station. Entry is $5 or free if you RSVP at their website. They visit lots of other cities around the country, so take a peek even if you're not in the ATL.

Is it Spring?


Dress, Jovovich-Hawk for Target; sandals, Target; necklace, Urban Outfitters; cuff, H&M; bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs.

We've been having this amazing week of warm weather. I've been pulling out my favorite warm weather frocks to take advantage of being able to wear dresses barelegged.

I remember when this collection came out and I was really iffy on this dress. Now I don't know how I lived without this one. Love it!

The only downside has been that I've been at work and have had to stop myself from gazing longingly out the windows the days the sun has been shining. Oh well, it will be regular pool weather soon!

Friday, March 6


Photo print dress. The side cinch is actually a harness with d-rings! Fierce!


Tattoo print dress. The details you can't see are amazing - the top has boning and molded cups. And the belt is included and wraps a bunch of times. Loves it.

I was going to pass on this tee, but it's so cute on. I nabbed this.

No really guys. I wasn't kidding when I said I was zipping off straightaway to check this out.

This collection for whatever reason, got a lot of mixed reviews. I think people might have been put off by the higher price points (upwards of $69.99 for a Target dress) and some of the shapes, which were very edgy and undoubtedly hard to pull off if you're not tall or leggy or sticklike.

I was on the fence even after seeing all of the many many preview photos - the ads looked great, but Target has some issues with posting some rather unflattering product photos on their e-commerce site. But after seeing everything in person... You guys. I wanted nearly everything! The Target I stopped by had just restocked their racks but even so, many things were already sold out. I really wanted to try on the drapy zigzag dress and maybe the cropped blazer, but only one or two was left of each, and none in my size.

The fabrications felt very natural--I've had some qualms about past collections feeling too rayon and polyestery (barf!)--and the prints were very vibrant in person. I loved the hot pink zigzag print, and the blue mystery tattoo print was much better than I imagined. Nothing looked or felt cheap and all the seams and details were excellent on all the pieces.

The bottoms felt smaller than other Target collections, but the tops and dresses fit in my normal size. (Maybe I am just gaining weight on my lower half. This is is entirely possible.) The swimwear fit so tiny! I was finagling myself into that pink one piece and was terrified halfway into it that the seams would rip!

After trying on a bunch of things and seeing them in person, I recommend the blue tattoo print dress (cute swingy circle skirt + fun belt that wraps like 4 times), the striped blazer and shorts (the shorts are so cute! I'm not so into the carrot pants though.), and the Liela print tee (normally I pass on things with the logo plastered on, but this is so fab!). If anyone snags one of the zigzag dresses, I'd love to see some snaps. It looks fierce.

Oh and once again Fashion Trend Guide has a much more thorough review of more pieces from this collection.

Oh, and a tip for you ladies that are trying to track down some of these pieces: most of the Targets by me are overnight stores and restock while doors are closed. For the best selection, try in the mornings, especially before noon! And seriously, don't be shy about calling. I have felt mortified/terrified about calling around for the special collections of things (rarely does a Target team member know what Orla Kiely/Luella/Alexander McQueen is!), but I've found most associates are very nice about helping you find things and will even hold things for you.

Day to Night






Sweaterknit blazer, Sparrow (Anthropologie); skirt, H&M Trend; shoes, H&M.

Ice skating dress and disco leggings, American Apparel; cardigan, Plenty by Tracy Reese; boots, Frye.

I felt like such a rebellious teenager yesterday -- I had to pull the whole two outfits switcheroo as if I were going to skip school to hang out at the drugstore in skimpy clothes and smoke cigarettes.

No, I guess it wasn't really like that at all! I was planning on wearing the very first outfit OVER my concert clothes so I could go straight from work to the Britney show. I ended up swapping out the blazer for the cardigan and only had to whip off my skirt while sitting in traffic. I don't think my ~photo flow~ was quite so demonstrative. Maybe a little suggestive, however. Whoops.

I know that I look covered head to toe in the last outfit, but really I didn't feel that short skirts and shiny bottoms would fly in my semi-conservative workplace. I sort of dressed to the theme (Circus) as much as I could without going too over-the-top. The show was hot! I will update about that momentarily.

Falling off the bandwagon

The recessionista bandwagon, that is. Alexander McQueen's McQ line for Target dropped on Wednesday and the shopping bug has finally gotten to me. Between the cute Blythe ads (and photoshoot you can see on various blogs!) and the bold, graphic prints, I can't hold out any longer.

I'm going to check it out and hope my credit cards don't get hit too hard (I mean, I guess I already had to defrost them out of a block of ice, whoops). I was going to pass on this collection; but it looks like the much-coveted zigzag dress is already sold out online, which means this one won't last for long!

I'd been trying to hold out until I saw other bloggers report back about some of the pieces... so far it looks like everyone is doing the same!

Wednesday, March 4



Dress, Vanessa Barrantes for Anthropologie; flats, Sam Edelman.

This is my favorite dress of all time. I wore it to work in high spirits and had so much fun feeling girly! I got a lot of questions about it today while working, so before anyone else asks, I believe she (Vanessa Barrantes) designs this dress in different fabrics/colors for other retail outlets each season . It is also very similar to things that Shumaq has been making this past season (hum, a quick Google search tells me that V. Barrantes actually designs for Shumaq. Duh! It makes sense.). Love love love.

Also, I didn't end up bringing a plate of cookies into work today because they got a little too moist. Normally I bag day-after cookies with a slice of bread to keep them from getting too dry, but these got too soggy when I did the same thing! It must be the pudding in the recipe, oops. So for my coworkers that read this, sorry. I guess that's how the cookie crumbles. Literally.

Picture Show




Dress and socks, American Apparel; cardigan, Urban Outfitters; bag, Hayden Harnett; boots, Frye.

This is what I wore to go to the dollar theatre in the suburbs last night. That and to witness family night at the local chicken eatery. OMG family night. I have never seen a fast food joint so overflowing with families. One group had overtaken half of the eatery and pushed most of the tables together.

All of this was under a coat. I had to layer because that theatre is notoriously cold. I saw Seven Pounds (Willy Willy Smith) and thought it was great. Though it was not as great as if it was about Will Smith with magical powers, like I thought it was going to be. Clearly I am confused about Will Smith's movies in general -- I felt similarly tricked when I went to go see I am Legend. Hello? Nowhere was it advertised as a zombie movie, nothx.

Tuesday, March 3

Food Porn



I made cookies yesterday -- lemon white chocolate chip. If I am feeling nice, I might take what's left into work tomorrow in order to keep myself from eating all of them. I think I had five today. Yikes.

Oh and luckily my camera lens was merely dirty, not scratched. Phew. Thank goodness I have all my lens cleaning supplies from photography classes taken long ago.
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