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Wednesday, March 4



Dress, Vanessa Barrantes for Anthropologie; flats, Sam Edelman.

This is my favorite dress of all time. I wore it to work in high spirits and had so much fun feeling girly! I got a lot of questions about it today while working, so before anyone else asks, I believe she (Vanessa Barrantes) designs this dress in different fabrics/colors for other retail outlets each season . It is also very similar to things that Shumaq has been making this past season (hum, a quick Google search tells me that V. Barrantes actually designs for Shumaq. Duh! It makes sense.). Love love love.

Also, I didn't end up bringing a plate of cookies into work today because they got a little too moist. Normally I bag day-after cookies with a slice of bread to keep them from getting too dry, but these got too soggy when I did the same thing! It must be the pudding in the recipe, oops. So for my coworkers that read this, sorry. I guess that's how the cookie crumbles. Literally.


  1. I love this girly look. It's so cute!`

  2. You look beautiful in our sophia dress! Thank you for supporting the brand and by the way your blog is lovely.


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