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Wednesday, March 31

Ready, Set, Spring!



Outfit details: J. Crew Jackie Cardigan
 American Apparel Deep V Neck tee
Thrifted skirt (possible sister skirt)
Pamela Barsky scarf pins 
(from Squash Blossom in Decatur!)
Seychelles Her Majesty pumps

Despite the sickles I decided to show my sniffles up and get dressed today. The skirt I was excited to unearth despite the complaints that it was "grandma" from the boyfriend. I think it feels very flirty and feminine and is my preferred length for skirts. 

I went a little crazy with color today--but I think it's for the best. Also, prior to my Atlanta Magazine feature, I studied this pretty hard. I think it definitely shows here.

Whoo hoo bare legs! And hooray for personally appropriate hemlines. I now know my limits.

Chambray Shirtdress



Outfit details: Isabella Sinclair Bespoke Shirtdress (similar: here and  here)
LOFT Espadrilles (similar pairs: here and here)
Jimmy K Designs tote bag

I am surely grateful that y'all are not impatient for new posts! I've been feeling a little icky sicky and have been unable to muster up the strength and stamina to blog. This outfit was a no-brainer. A warm weather weight dress plus cute shoes. I've told you how much I love dresses since they make an entire outfit, right?

But whoopsy, I don't think I realized how short this really was before stepping out for the day. Must soon get myself a full length mirror. I don't think I flashed anybody today, but that explains some of the looks I got while out and about.

And the tote was purchased long before the days of Etsy. The awesome chica I purchased it from recently opened an Etsy shop and started making totes again. I am the queen of tote bags and own way more than you can imagine, and these are my favorite. I've had this one for FOUR YEARS and it is still going strong. I use it to schlep textbooks plus miscellaneous toys that I carry with me. Kim selects the fabrics and sews all of the components herself to make a mighty fine looking durable tote.

It's supposed to be somewhat normal spring weather for the rest of the week (70-80) and I am looking forward to wearing shorts and sandals again, phew!

Sunday, March 28

Sunday Etsy Love 03.28.10

This week's theme: Roller rinks. In the 80's!

I saw Hot Tub Time Machine this weekend, immediately followed by Whip It at home. The wacky 80's outfits in Hot Tub combined with my urge to strap on some rollerskates after watching Ellen Page whip around a rink to come up with this week's theme.

Now I'm thinking I'm going to have to round up my girlfriends and insist we have a skate night sometime soon, complete with neon leggings and off the shoulder sweatshirts.

Some glitter and a side pony please.

Clockwise, from top left:
  1. White Tote Bag with Black Rollerskate Embroidery by drummbellina, $42. I love the simplicity of this tote. It almost looks like it is a page torn from a coloring book! I want to attack it with a rainbow of markers. The tote itself is handmade and hand embroidered. This bag would be a lovely dog days of summer companion too. Take it with you to the mall, the pool, or even rollergirl tryouts.
  2. Vintage 80s Hair Scrunchies from OpheliaVintage, $8. After the Carrie Bradshaw "scra-unchie" moment in Season 6, I thought the hair accessory was done for sure. Honestly? I'm feeling them again. I wish I still had some of mine from back in the day! I would love to have this arsenal to secure my hair into an absurdly high ponytail.
  3. Cute 80s Retro Shooting Star Earrings from tonybaggs, $8.50. As a kid, I was very, very into rainbow anything. In fact, I think I still very much am. Don't these look so Rainbow Brite? I think this pair would be a cheerful touch to bikini tops, cuffed shorts, and Keds in the Summer.
  4. 1980s Aerobics Bodysuit from VintageEclectica,  $20. The multi-stripe around the armholes on this bodysuit is killer. Pair with short sport shorts for maximum effect.
  5. Leg Warmers Plum Heather Classic Wool by BargainBoutique by EternKnity, $49. I really dig the look of legwarmers slouched over skate boots. How can you say no to this comfy handmade
     pair? This takes me back to my dance days, too. Cute with ballet flats, cute over boots, cute with your Barbie rollerskates.
I last went rollerskating in the Midwest in the Fall. It's funny how the roller rink felt much like the one I used to go to back in elementary school here in Georgia. The lights, the decorations, and the music felt much the same. This time around, though, I didn't have my white skates with pink and purple laces to see me through.

    We Can Pretend It's Summer



    Outfit details: Dear Creatures Striped Scout Blouse
    Anthropologie G1 cropped pants (similar in fit)
    Anthropologie Boyfriend Blazer (similar here)
    Salt-Water Sandals in Navy
    J. Crew Straw Fedora

    I like when my outfit tells a story. Desperate not to throw on a tee and jeans yesterday, I reached for my Dear Creatures Scout top that had been languishing away during the dark chilly months. When I tumbled downstairs and announced that I was finally ready to head out for the day, my boyfriend laughed and said I looked ready to hop on a boat, or star in a play. I am totally fine with these interpretations.

    We made our way to The Dump to check out what all of the fuss was about. I was impressed by the variety in selection. You could find anything from antiqued wood rolltop desks and giant wall-to-ceiling units with intricate carvings to fluffy Muppet fur dining chairs and Chesterfield sofas. Neither of us was quite in the market for new furniture pieces, but I am thrilled to find a source of interesting things for my future decorating needs.

    This mini photoshoot was taken outside of the big furniture building, which was incredibly busy on a Saturday afternoon. I loved all of the details and lines of the entryway, but got shyer and shyer as more and more people walked through the shots. I was dying to get some more shots with the wood paneled columns, but it was almost impossible to catch a break between visiting patrons. Also the sun was in my eyes and I was really thirsty.

    Goodness me! I'm so lucky that my mans is willing to put up with me and my constant demands for impromptu photoshoots!

    I can't see. I want a soda. 

    Hope you had a sunny weekend!

    Saturday, March 27

    Get Your Leather, Leather, Leather on



    Outfit details: Mike and Chris Bryant Leather Jacket (similar, also in grey)
    American Apparel Triblend Deep V
    J Brand 9610 The Deal Skinny
    Rebecca Minkoff Studded Devote
    Marc by Marc mouse flats (in blue)

    It was really really chilly yesterday, and after tinkering with my car outside for a bit, I decided my trusty military jackets and boyfriends blazers weren't going to cut it. Also, I felt really badass after I figured out what was wrong with my car and felt that it was definitely a leather jacket day.

    I don't know why I reserve this jacket for rare occasions. It's very warm, the leather is really yummy, and the sleeves are super long (which I love). I think it might have something to do with the constant on/off rainy days and I have outerwear (and handbags!) specially designated for drizzle.

    I've still been feeling kind of worn out from this weather transition and have defaulted to what I consider my anti-fashion statement uniform of solid tee and skinny jeans. I have a drawerful of American Apparel V necks and various brands of dark wash skinnies, and could potentially wear variations of this outfit everyday for a really long time. I'm ready to snap out of it!

    The ban is lifted in just 8 more days though, so hopefully an influx of fun warm weather pieces will cheer my spirits and shush my whines of "I have nothing to we-arrrr."

    Friday, March 26




    Outfit details: Anthropologie Walk-A-Ways Dress (similar here and here)
    Line Ruffled Open Cardigan (available in grey)
    Target Polka dot tights (similar in colors)
    Minnetonka Knee Hi Lace up boots

    I really like this set of colors together, and decided to just go for it. I feel a little bit like I am in a Mondrian piece!

    Do you ever wake up feeling like you hate all of your clothes? I had one of those mornings and decided it was time for two things--first, laundry (my wardrobe doubles again afterward) and second, open my warm weather clothes boxes that had been in storage. This dress emerged and I decided to layer on for the chilly day.

    I feel like I whine about the weather in every post, but it really is completely erratic here! Have you been able to wear your Spring gear nonstop? I've been itching to wear shorts, but it's never quite warm enough!

    Wednesday, March 24

    New Uniform: Comfort


    Outfit details: American Apparel White Deep V
    J. Crew Downtown Field Jacket (similarish)
    AG "The Tights" Jeggings
    Bensimon Elastic Slip ons
    Zigzag scarf (similar here)

    I have been taking advantage of the dress code at my awesome new job--that there is none. You guys will now get to see the rest of my small sneaker collection as I wear more comfortable clothes every now and then.

    I really wanted to wear this jacket so I could make use of all the pockets (for keys, phone, etc.) today. A crisp white t-shirt and dark denim just fell into place to put the focus on the jacket. I threw on my trusty zigzag scarf and felt set.

    Yes it is different from my Anthro-inspired styling, but I think this new freedom could lead to more interesting uses of my closet! Finally got to wear these Bensimons--they really saved my feet and back today.

    Monday, March 22

    Frock and Skirt Reviews!

    To be honest, I wasn't going to post these originally. But then I got to spend time with some of my favorite Anthro girls I used to work with and they talked me into it. Figures, since when I worked there, I ended up being the guinea pig for trying many new pieces.

    I stopped into Anthropologie to check on the status of the two pieces I want to pick up in 13 days. I knew neither had been marked down, but it gets hairy sometimes as some pieces will sell out before you know it!

    Of course I tried on a bunch of new things since I was already in the store. I have always zoned in specifically on skirts and dresses that Anthro carries, and it really shows in this set!

     Sun Dot Dress, $79.95 (sale)


    I was resisting the call of this number for a long time, but the prospect of snagging this on super sale (maybe a second markdown post-Easter, hmmm?) was worth trying it on. The cups at first threw me off, but I think it's very flattering and is structured enough to go braless. Busty ladies might have sizing issues with this one. I'm a B cup and it's comfortable. Pear shaped ladies might do well in this, though. The hip area is tulip shaped and can accommodate a few more inches than say, a pencil cut skirt would.

    I'm wearing a size 2 here, but would probably want a 0 to eliminate the gapping in the waist and decrease the space at the top of the cups.


    Caballo Falls Dress, $168

    This dress was pure love. Every season, Anthro carries a Lil branded dress that I have to have. Much of the reason being that the top half of said dresses are extremely flattering for my body shape. I love the perfectly fitted waistband and the low but not risque neckline.

    The color and fabric are vibrant and comfortable in person. Can't wait to add this little number to my warm weather rotation! I'm wearing a 0 here, which is what I wear in all past Lil dresses. If you are apple shaped or busty, I would recommend sizing up! The waist and bust areas are tiiiiight! I might get a 2 in this to wear on dinner dates so I can have more room for my food baby.


    Drifting By Dress, $168

    I was both surprised and pleased to find a whole rack of these dresses after all the hullaballoo when the catalog first dropped. I've got to say, it's kind of blah hanging on the rack, but looks really great on! Very feminine and romantic but understated. I liked it but didn't looooove it for me. I have a hard time wearing beiges and pastels in this range and know I would never reach for it.

    I am wearing a size 0 here but would size up to a 2 if I chose to purchase. I am holding my breath in these photos while praying that I wouldn't rip the bodice of the dress by breathing! I would still say it fits true to size-- that part of  my torso and shoulders are difficult to fit.


    I loved the simultaneously retro, beachy, and ethnic feel of the print on this dress and excitedly grabbed it to try. It fits like a babydoll dress and hangs exactly as pictured here due to the sturdy cotton fabric. I think this would be a very cute beachwear piece and is cut in a manner that would flatter mommies-to-be in the warm months.

    I passed because for one, I felt like I was swamped by the volume as well as the print. Second, the pinafore-esque cut, while adorable, made me feel like it was too "young" for me. I still get carded at the movies and the bar, so dressing my age is somewhat of a priority for me when shopping.


    So many of you ladybirds are aflutter about this dress that I feel incredibly bad to post this photo. I had no idea how this was intended to fit, but it certainly did not feel that it was working for me. Let's talk about the pros first, though. The print is eyecatching in person, very pretty. Lots of hanger appeal with the fluttery ties and ruffley finishing on the hem and sleeves.

    But oy, the fit was to be desired. This is a size 2 on me (which I grabbed since this is not a "house" label and I am a 2 in most designers) and I could not figure it out for the life of me. I feel that the wrap dress is typically a universal garment that flatters most figures and requires little fussing to look good. I couldn't get that one half of the top to agree with me. It pained me that it didn't work. The top was too fussy, and I am so not about fussy.


    This wasn't on my radar from my web browsing, but oh my. While wandering the store, I saw this and grabbed it immediately. The print is quite amazing in person--like wearing an impressionist work of art! I loooved the print and the fit was perfect straight off the rack. I am not jumping for joy due to two things: the price point (ouch) and well the color scheme. This veers into pastels, which still scare me. I am still convinced I am washed out in this range of yellows and greens. Would buy this shape in one of "my" colors in a heartbeat. This is a size 0 and it is perfect and comfortable--you can breathe and eat in it and you'll be okay.



    I feel like this doesn't look as special as some of the other frocks I tried on, but I love this piece! I think it is mainly due to the fact that it feels like a cotton (and therefore) day version of my beloved Eyelet Silk Dress by Lil:

    A few exceptions: its fit is not as...precise. Size down if you can! The silk sash is super adorable and I think it would look great tied in your hair as a headband or on your handbag for a little flair. And the back! Is so cute! I feel like this is a great little dress to have to throw on for random occasions and still look ladylike without the discomfort.



    Picked this up for the blog's sake. I understand that it is special, but I do feel like Anthro has had similar photo-print pieces in the past? I believe last year as well as the year before they carried a photo dress in the Spring, both in the same vein with the newspaper style dot matrix.

    I thought the fit was great, loved the keyhole in the back. The print is very punchy in person--if you wear this dress, you will definitely get  noticed! I felt like the sash/bust area didn't look quite as I had imagined from the catalog and website images. I can think of two ladies I know that can rock this. I, however, don't feel like this will play well with others in my closet.

    Let's move onto skirts!!


    I squealed a little when I saw this skirt on the display table! Candy colored tweed, metallic, and antique gold buttons? I love it. I was surprised to find that it was part of the Ruffian for Anthro designs. It's very prim and doesn't have that slight bit of edge I saw in the other pieces.

    The skirt was true to size, this is a size 0, but dang. It was hard as cuss to get on! There was this elaborate set of hidden buttons, hooks, and I think even a snap at the top of the zipper. I could not fasten all of them as my fingers did not feel nimble enough. Would consider sizing up to a 2 if that would solve this issue.


    Seabound Skirt, $118

    I am dying over the cuteness of this We Love Vera skirt. I am very into nautical-preppy pieces for spring, and this would fit right in with my growing collection of striped skirts and sailor tops. I find that Vera pieces run small for me, and sized up to a 2 in this.

    I just glanced at the site and was surprised to find that this skirt also comes in petite sizes! I think this is a definite yes for me, and I may consider getting a petite size in order to have a little bit of a shorter skirt. This hits me at the natural waist and is about 1-2 inches below the knee; I'm 5'4" without shoes for reference.

    + Mystery sailor top


    And one last piece by Marimekko. I love print, and Marimekko manages to capture fun in grown up feeling patterns. I think this is a versatile color and shape for casual wear, the world of business, and everything in between. I especially love the stitching on the waistband and wooden buttons. Want.

    This top I grabbed in order to try on bottoms with. For some reason I am usually wearing dresses when shopping and it makes it a pain to try separates. I didn't see this one on the site for some reason... I want to say it is Odille, and it comes in 2 colors. I think it is adorable but is far too similar to my Dear Creatures top to justify owning both.

    All of a sudden my wishlist is twice the size after this trip! I don't know how I made it out of there without handing over my credit card, paycheck, or firstborn. Whew!
    Anyone else on a self-imposed shopping hiatus? How are you holding up?

    Sunday Etsy Love 03.21.10

    This week's theme: Lemon yellow.

    I have loved this first little glimpse into Spring this week. In honor of sunshine, blooms, and April showers, I am featuring the happiest color out there--yellow! And instead of a few different alternatives for one type of item, this week I put together a fun sunny hued outfit. I think all of these pieces together would be very fun!

    They call me mellow yellow.

    Clockwise, from top left:
    1. Stylish yellow knit headband by AllAboutStyle, $15. I have been wanting a crocheted or knit headband with a flower a la Anthro, but have not known where to look. When I came across this Etsy seller, I was stoked to find a rainbow of colors at a great price! In chilly weather, this  piece can double as earwarmers!
    2. Vintage April Cornell Cornelloki Floral Yellow Frock Dress from VintageAsh, $52. I'm all about floral dresses lately, and this ladylike frock is right up my alley. It feels very sweet and still translates into a modern wardrobe. I want to wear this while frolicking in fields and picking daffodils.
    3. Vintage Retro Umbrella from zadoodle, $35. Of course (at least in Atlanta, anyway) with Springtime comes crazy rain showers. I always feel like a cheerful umbrella cuts through grey days. It's fun to be the one carrying a brightly colored umbrella in a sea of black on the sidewalk.
    4. Limoncello Cluster Necklace by foamywader, $99. This statement piece is just gorgeous. Easy to wear with simple solid colored dresses as well as tees! I think it would look great with a boatneck sheath dress and a classy updo.
    5. Yellow Sunrise Purse by madebylaurenb, $28. When I saw this, I immediately smiled! The handpainted clouds are a great little punch to this adorable bag. I don't think you could be in a bad mood while carrying this lovely!

    Sunday, March 21

    Welcome, Springtime!



    Outfit details: Heritage 1981 floral shirt
    American Apparel Jersey Pocket Skirt
    Thrifted belt (similar and on sale!)
    Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo
    Steve Madden studded sandals:
    (hot alternative; affordable option)

    I was sooo happy today to be able to rejoice in the warm weather with bare legs and sandals! I kicked off the sunny season with a trip to Rita's to enjoy a free Italian ice. Longtime readers will know that I am completely obsessed with cool treats, especially Rita's flavored ices and yummy frozen custards. I have atleast four frequent customer punch cards in my wallet, and always want to go back for more! My favorite flavors are mango and black cherry, but I'm always curious to try the wacky new flavors they have. Today they had a marshmallow Peeps flavored ice available--it was very sweet and tasted like a cross between cake batter and marshmallow.

    I loved the idea of pairing the western shirt with this metal tipped belt. I felt very modern prairie. The sudden pastoral and western influence is the result of my obsession with the Pioneer Woman cookbook I got back in January, and one of my favorite shows--Big Love.

    While her outfits are very modest, I love Chloe Sevigny's character's wardrobe. The calico blouses, cowboy boots, and floral print dresses are definitely inspiring my mode of dress and driving my vintage and thrift searches. I've run across a good selection of calico fabrics lately and hope to come up with future project ideas so I can pick them up. I just need to get a move on with my current pieces first!
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