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Thursday, September 30

Hello Fall!





Outfit details:
Madewell Pointillist scarf (now on sale, whoo hoo!)
Frye Bonnie riding boots (from 2007, find similar styles here and here)
Amanda Gary handbag (available locally at Squash Blossom and Mooncake boutiques)

Between the garage sale, classes, and an impromptu road trip to Nashville, time really slipped away from me this week! All of a sudden it's Thursday and I've left all my dear readers hanging for far too long.

Thankfully a wild amount of torrential rain brought finally brought on some chilly weather and I actually felt like wearing normal clothes. This summer lasted almost through to October, and frankly I was getting bored of wearing single layers and the same sandals every day.

So of course today's blustery weather was the perfect excuse to bust out all of my fall standbys all at once--sweaters, scarves, and boots are all such my favorite things to wear. All of my old favorites and possibly a new one! Since I was shopped out after my early morning Madewell visit, I didn't make it out to Target the next morning for the Tucker release.

At first I was totally fine with passing, but as the week crept along and I saw all of the adorable pieces on my favorite blog friends, I knew I would have to track at least one piece down for myself. Luckily still had plenty of pieces in stock (which is more than I can say for the four Targets I visited in town!). I'm excited to wear this  dress all the way through Spring. The colors and the weight are perfect for the mild Georgia climate. So now, dress acquired, I am all Tuckered out in more ways than one.

And as far as the Nashville trip goes? There's little to say--I was awake in the city for less than 6 hours total, but the payoff was adopting this sweet little kitty. No, she's not mine, I tagged along for the journey. But isn't she adorable? She's the sweetest little cat I've come across in a long time. I think she and her new mama are in for years of love.


Friday, September 24

Yard Sale & Mimosas this Weekend!

sweet flier by Markus

A few of my favorite ladies are hosting a garage sale of epic proportions this weekend. This isn't your typical garage sale--there will be a collective of fashion items, furniture, and jewelry, all in good taste. Two local designers will also be there, selling handmade jewelry and fascinators!

I will actually be selling a bunch of things too, to stop competing for space in Cabin House. On my rack, I have a lot of Target collaboration pieces, Urban Outfitters, Anthro, J. Crew, and vintage. The other girls have a little bit of everything, including mink furs, leather jackets, Free People, Velvet, and so many shoes!

Mimosas will be a-flowin' and I'm offering these totes for free with purchases of $30+. Handcrafted by yours truly. Hope to see y'all there!


Thursday, September 23

Meeting the Sart


Last Friday, my little blogger world was rocked. The creator and photographer of my first and still most important blogging inspiration, the Sartorialist himself, came to the deep South. The Hagedorn Foundation Gallery is currently hosting an exhibit featuring Scott's work, and he and Garance both came down for the grand opening last week.

I was absolutely giddy at the chance to meet my two favorite streetstyle photographers and arranged my entire week leading up to the event. Lauren (one half of the Asian Cajuns!) was equally excited, and we decided to make an evening of it.

DSC_0012 copy
(photo by Zoie Johnson, SCAD Atlanta)
Lauren's wearing: 
Secondhand Carmen Marc Valvo skirt (so gorg!)
Gifted boho leather bag
Really rad platform sandals (I know you can't see, but trust me)

I'm wearing: 
Ann Demeulemeester sandals (from Gilt)
Alexander Wang baby Rocco duffle

I know I spent an inordinate amount of time getting ready, but I was blown away by how many beautiful and stylish people we met during the course of the evening! Everyone was dressed to the nines, and all of the lads were dressed no less than dapper.

We had a blast mingling with the super friendly crowd. Everyone was just as geeked out as we were, and it felt like we were at a big Atlanta fashion club meeting. Which, if everyone at the event would come, I think we should totally start!

And despite the look on his face, Scott was incredibly gracious and approachable in person. He and Garance both took the time to chat with us and everyone else in the unrelenting crowd.


So what about it, Atlanta fashionable ladies and gents? I had so much fun with you, can we make this a regular thing?

Tuesday, September 21

Out For a Stroll




Outfit details: 
Anthropologie Jacqueline Dress (similar here and here)
Anthro Looping Lanes belt (similar here and here)

I've mentioned before on the blog that I have the tendencies of a First Class Hoarder. It's been slow coming, I've been breaking out of this mode of consumerism one step at a time. This requires more shopping cart editing and closet cleanouts than I would prefer, but progress means more closet space and a bigger vacation fund.

One quirk I've noticed about myself and from observing other "maximalists" on various documentary shows is that I like to hold onto things just in case one day I will maybe need it.  Sometimes this results in multiples of the same item, mostly in different colors, in case the first one wears out or gets lost or damaged. This dress (which is finally seeing the light of day) somehow fell into that category.

The yellow version has been out and about several times, but for some reason, even though navy is one of my favorite colors to wear, this dress still had the tags on it this morning. I stood in front of my closet for a long time today, knowing it was stuffed to the brim but feeling like I had nothing to wear. Finally I drew a deep breath, and grabbed this frock and decided today was the day. Today was the day I forget about just in case and worry about right now.

I'm glad I did--it suits me perfectly! Phew, now to move onto the yet other unworn dresses lurking in the secret back of the closet hidey hole. Just in case I have a ball to attend, just in case I have a cocktail party to run to, just in case I throw a tea party--I'm looking at you.

And breaking away from this serious talk, here is my favorite outtake from today. Some wacky things turn out from my self-timer sessions, but this felt like a magic moment. I wish my hair was flippy uppy all the time!


Monday, September 20

A Cool Palette




Outfit details:
BDG Shawl Collar Cardigan (similar here and here)
H&M silk blend tank (similar here and here)
Alexander Wang Rocco baby duffle
J. Crew Carrington chain bracelet (similar here and here)
Madewell the Wooden Wedge (similar here and here)
I'm happy to see the easy effortless chic that was so popular in the 70's  has come back into play. Between A.P.C. and Chloe's classic color palettes, and the wave of camel coat features in this month's glossies, I had plenty of inspiration to translate the feeling into a modern day look.

I think the ice cream colored hues worked best with brown sandals, but I added the bracelet and bag so the result wasn't too saccharine.

Bonus points for those of you that noticed: yes, I picked up the "splurge" piece after buying the value version of my bracelet. After a particularly good month between Etsy and my closet shop, can you blame me?

Thursday, September 16

Romance with a Twist




Outfit details:
Anthropologie Ambling Twists tank (similar styles here and here)
Rebecca Maysles Victorian Valentine skirt (similar here and here)
Cynthia Vincent x Target Gladiator wedge (similar here and here)
Marc by Marc Jacobs tribal tote (similar here and here)
Fitting room key (oopsy!) 

After feeling all out of sorts this week, I decided today was the day to stop giving in to feeling icky and celebrate by wearing something cheerful. While whatever cooties working against me didn't quite agree, my spirits were definitely lifted by all of the critters on my skirt.

I had been scheming and plotting to acquire this skirt for several weeks, and had just forgotten all about it when I spotted it on the sale rack for $29.95. In fact, I think there are quite a few still lingering out there. Sure, cherubs, kittens, and cherries in a Victorian print aren't quite everyone's taste, but I couldn't be more enchanted. I'm adding this to my quirky but ladylike section of my closet that I always count on Anthropologie to stock.

Wednesday, September 15



Outfit details:
H&M Ruffle sleeve tee (similar here, here, and here)
Anthro Circle the Globe skirt (similar here and here)
Jeffrey Campbell flats (similar here and here)
Mulberry Alexa bag (similar here and here)

I originally had these grand plans of saving up for Anthropologie's Time Gone By dress, and how I would wear it Spring through Fall styled in different ways. And then I got caught up in one of my busy periods at work and school and it disappeared. So failing that, I opted for the Look for Less version. For $12.95 and a similar look, I could swallow that disappointment.

Speaking of disappointments, I've been on the tippy tip of being sick and not sick all week. Staying hydrated has me feeling like Regina George post-Kalteen bars. (These sweatpants are all that fits me right now.) My Circle the Globe skirts have been my equivalent of sweatpants this week, and I am extremely grateful that my comfy elastic waisted clothes are not velour or have anything emblazoned across my booty.

I'm also glad that no one has told me I can't sit at their lunch table because of this...

Tuesday, September 14





Outfit details:
Chloe Tilia sunglasses in Beige/brown
Gap Chambray shirt (similar here and here)
H&M bucket bag (similar here and here)
J Brand The Deal skinny jeans
Thrifted cowboy booties
The Look for Less: (sunglasses), (shirt), (jeans),  (bag), (boots).

The weather was finally permitting, so I took the opportunity to try out the denim on denim look. In my mind, this updated Canadian tuxedo trend read very classic Americana. I think on me it turned out a little Western and a lot 70s. I love how wearing two textures of the same material feels both pulled together and mismatched at the same time.

Thursday, September 9

Alexa Chung for Madewell: It's Finally Here!!

Alexa Chung is definitely one of my style icons, and when I heard that one of my very favorite stores would be featuring her designs this fall, I knew it was the perfect match. Now that the time is finally here, I'm more excited than ever! All of the pieces are laidback and scream effortless style. The only problem I have now is deciding what I will actually pick up...

The collection actually launched online earlier today. Night owl that I am, I caught it sometime around midnight. But I couldn't decide (too many choices!), and by the time I got home from work this evening with an itemized shopping list, all of my favorites had flown off the website.

Luckily, the brick and mortar stores will be rolling out the collection this Saturday, September 11th. I plan to get there bright and early so I won't miss out a second time! Here are my picks from the collection with a few Madewell goodies thrown in the mix.

Clockwise, from top left:
  1. The Aberdeen two-tone oxford, $178. I'm extremely pleased with my Madewell shoe purchase from this summer. The quality and styling of these oxfords is just as impeccable, and they are the perfect match with preppy knee socks for this collection and fall in general.
  2. Sketchbook tee in Hello Bat print, $48. This is the thing to buy from this collection, if anything at all. Madewell's tees are expertly cut and fit to flatter. The cute patootie print is just icing on the cake.
  3. Tennessee velvet dress, $168. And this is the dress from the collection. I love how it is girly without being too frou frou. I can't wait to wear this to class on chilly nights, and on casual evening strolls as my own take on the LBD.
  4. Reverie crest pins, prices vary. This is such a charming infusion of military and prep school! I just want them all. Check your local store for these perfect little additions to your new Alexa/Madewell blazer. Or try Alison's e-commerce shop.
  5. Betty tea dress, $188. This dress is the piece that felt the most me in this collection. I love the vintage vibe and flirty flip of the skirt.
  6. Christian skinny jeans in pebble wash, $115. After seeing the everstylish Erin of calivintage romp around in her perfectly cut high waisted skinny jeans this summer, I wanted a pair to call my own. My Madewell jeans are easily my favorite and most flattering, so I can't wait to snap these up.
  7. Annie blouse, $128. This is such a simple and sophisticated blouse. I think it can pull double duty from the office with a sweeping trouser pant to drinks with a pair of jeans.

Wednesday, September 8

All the Leaves are Brown




Outfit details: 
Anthro Nell Couture June, July, August Dress
Secondhand J. Crew jean jacket (similar here)
Looping Lanes belt (similar here and here)
Frye Dorado Slouch boots (similar here)
Amanda Gary leather handbag
I've been saying it for weeks, but I am definitely ready for some leaf-changing, boot-stomping, jacket-worthy fall weather. Fooled by the cool breeze through the weekend, I pulled out my old standby Fryes on Monday to tramp around Athens for the day.

As I should have known, it was sweltering, but for the duration of this photoshoot, I got to pretend I was a folk singer in a charming local band. If you're looking to hire someone to croon The Mamas & The Papas or maybe just stand on stage while pretending to play tambourine, I'm your girl!

Tuesday, September 7

Bonjour September!




Outfit details:
Mur/Monoreno tunic top (from work--similar here and here)
Forever 21 knit leggings ($4.50! I have a drawerful of these)
Amanda Gary bag (avail. at Squash Blossom and Mooncake)
Dolce Vita for Target Buckle Boots
Yesterday's holiday has me a little off kilter. I had grand plans for my dive back into a regular blogging schedule on Monday. But whoops, I guess Tuesday is the new Monday!

Labor Day weekend was a blur. Between the crowds, festival food, and costume changes this weekend, I didn't have a spare minute. Luckily I picked up these boots last week, and they were inspiration enough for getting dressed in a flash.

Longtime readers will know I'm all gung ho when it comes to Target designer collaborations, especially if a line I love is involved. So the Dolce Vita offerings were a no-brainer. I tried on every style my local store had to offer, and all of them fit true to (Target) sizing, and were cushioned and designed as well as your full price DV shoe. These boots in particular really called out to me--don't they feel very much like the Chloe Susan from Fall '08?

Another happy little treat of the weekend was the cool breeze. It really is beginning to feel like fall, and I have my arsenal of boots and jackets at the ready.

Saturday, September 4

Gearin' Up for Fall + Book Fest

Labor Day is just on the other side of this weekend, and that means the end of summer, beginning of autumn, and the highly anticipated Decatur Book Festival! And so with the holiday weekend rushing upon us, we've been working like Christmas elves at Squash Blossom stocking the store with lots of awesome new goodies.

I'm especially drooling over this Ayala Bar necklace. It's so intricate, and I feel like I can conquer the world in it.


And since I believe you can never have enough Frye boots, I'm already plotting my next boot purchase. I love all of the colors and finishes on this trio. Now only to pare it down...


All of the new fall pieces from Free People have been blowing my mind, and more than ever, I'm oh-so-excited for the seasons to change. Feeling extra inspired by the September Free People catalog, my girls Jules, Santi, and I styled our favorite pieces from the Squash Blossom racks.

I love how the looks from the same set of clothes can fit so many occasions and personalities. We have something to dress an Ice Princess, Desert Storm Barbie, a Winter Elf, and your inner rockstar. I feel like I've been slacking on my personal outfit documentation, but really it's just fallen to the wayside of dressing up as someone new each day.




My weeks are still jam-packed, but I've almost got the groove of my new fall schedule. I feel like I haven't blogged in ages due to constant Important and Urgent Tasks. I think another week of classes (and, whoop, Monday off!) will do the trick.

Until then, I'll be playing dress-up at work. Come see me if you need your fashion fix this weekend, we have an epic selection right now! Or if holiday weekend sale shopping isn't quite your speed, the book fest has something to offer for every bookworm.

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