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Sunday, February 28

Sunday Etsy Love 2.28.10

This week's theme: picnicking.

I don't know about you, but I am so ready for summer weather and the leisure activities that come with it. One of my favorites? Weekly summer picnics. When I was on study abroad it was constantly sangria, cheese, and bread. In Piedmont Park, I like fresh fruit and a good book as companions.

Here are a few things you can stock up on in preparation for park weather!

Picnicking essentials!

Clockwise from top left:
  1. Picnic blanket in red gingham by SewnNatural, $100. Now first off, you need a picnic blanket. I love this classic gingham one. It's got a flannel core and is backed in denim so your bottom won't get soggy while sitting on the grass. It even rolls up to be easily portable with its matching strap. And it's all natural and organic! So much goodness.
  2. Cheeky Monster Takeaway Poche by littleoddforest, $19. For those of you who cannot take off during a weekday and laze in the grass with me, this little bag can bring some sunshine (and your lunch!) to your workday. It folds flat when empty so you can stow your little monster in the bottom of your workbag or in your pocket when you finish eating. And sidenote--this is the cutest little shop ever! If you've been looking for an owl purse or a tree stump clutch, this is the Etsy shop for you.
  3. Vintage Pop Mod Red Plastic Sphere Picnic Set from junkculture, $24. While I love the classic fabric lined basket for formal picnics, why not go extra cute with this vintage set? I think it would be perfect for the Fourth of July! The best part is the little sphere carrying case. It's so retro-futuristic.
  4. Travel Set for Two by kauaikwilts, $45. If plastic isn't for you, this handmade set may just fit the bill. I love this color scheme with the mint and apricot tones. You get two placemats, a bottle holder, serving utensils, and a matching carrying tote in this set. This is the perfect kit for a daytime date!
  5. Stainless steel lunch kit from Bluesnapper, $29.95. This is the ultimate in lunch kits. It keeps your food insulated and separated and it all snaps together into a nifty cylinder with a top handle! This beats every bento box I've ever seen. My boyfriend got one recently and I can't stop admiring it! This one even comes with a lovely pouch to store and carry it in.
 And a quick summer sangria recipe:

- 1 bottle rose wine
- Juice (I suggest white cranberry + strawberry and/or white grape + peach)
- Italian soda (I like pear for pink and white wine sangrias)
- Seasonal fruits (this is good with nectarines and strawberries)

Mix together in a pitcher, and really that's it. You can let the fruits soak for a few hours to overnight, but I usually can't wait that long before I want to drink the whole thing. Mmmm.

Creature of Comfort


Outfit details: J. Crew Suckered Gingham Perfect Shirt
Joe's Ex-Lover Crop
J. Crew Solid Anklets
Aldo Varble flats
Vintage Satchel 

This is actually what I wore yesterday. The day started with a walk to Candi's to try their stuffed biscuits I had been hearing so darned much about. What I had originally expected to be a breakfast biscuit sandwich was so much more sophisticated-- the stuffed biscuit was a gorgeous little puff of love that leaned more towards a savory breakfast calzone than biscuit. I am definitely a savory breakfast food kind of girl and kept stealing bites of my boyfriend's. ATL folk- try one topped with their sausage gravy. Yum.

The next stop in the day was the Thread and Canvas event I posted about on Friday. In addition to the wares from Homemade Grits and Kristina, I was excited to see the lovely Becka of Bou-Cou Jewelry. Remember when I talked about the bicycle necklace? You can still get you one. Sadly, I am being good and not shopping for myself like I promised and ended up only picking up a gift for someone special. It was really inspiring to see all of the creations from Atlanta's best and brightest, and I can't wait to attend the next sale!

Then after all of that was a hectic day at work. I wasn't sure if I was loving my outfit by the end of my shift, but when I was driving home I was so glad I was dressed comfortably. There was an insane traffic jam (at 11PM!!) right by my house and I ended up stuck in my vehicle for over an hour! Oh Atlanta traffic. It's a crazy story, if you are interested in reading about it...

How was your weekend? Did you get anything at the Thread and Canvas pop up?

Friday, February 26

Thread & Canvas ATL

Come out and support independent artists!

Dang, I really thought today was Thursday for some reason! I had really meant to post this earlier. I even started on a roll of Mean Girls status updates when I realized I'm one day behind.

Anyway, I ran into my girlfriend Shannon earlier this week, and we started chatting about the upcoming Thread and Canvas event. I put it on my calendar immediately after Lesley first posted about it on her blog. It actually turns out that my girl Shannon is one of the leading ladies behind this project! Um, how cool is she?

I was already all excited to go to pick up some of Lesley's wares as baby shower gifts and ooh and ahh over Kristina's goodies she's been working on. AND some Shannon time AND a party to boot? Heck yes, I'm there.

Check out their Facebook page for more info. I love supporting independent local artists, and I can't wait to catch up with a bunch of familiar faces! This is where all of your fashiony friends will be on Saturday, why not you too?

Preppy with a Schoolboy Twist



Outfit details: J. Crew Vintage Bateau top
J. Crew Poplin Wednesday Skirt in Burnt Sienna
Anthropologie Boyfriend Blazer (similar here)
Love Quotes Handknotted scarf in Mykonos
Target dotted tights (similar here)
Aldo Varble oxfords
Vintage bag

I finally used those gift cards I was blathering about. Here are two of the things I got right before my little shopping ban for Lent. The striped top was just a nice staple I was happy to add to my closet. I actually tried on the St. James shirts they had in store and passed because I felt like it gave me linebacker shoulders. And it was so long it looked like I was using daddy's sailing shirt as a nightgown.

This vintage bateau top is a perfect casual layering piece. I'm adding it to my collection of striped shirts as the nicest one I have! Hooray. The skirt was almost an afterthought. But I'm loving the golden pumpkin color and see it playing well with others in my closet. I think it will be great with brown belts and preppy buttondowns as well as cardigans.

I spent all morning looking at the Mulberry website and daydreaming about having a new satchel bag. Can you tell with today's outfit?

Thursday, February 25

More Navy + Gold



Outfit details: Charlotte Tarantola Field Game Cardigan
J. Crew Toothpick Ankle Cords in Soft Ochre (Now only $19.99!)
Anthropologie jeweled bangles (similar here)
H&M Wooden bangle (similar here)
Frye Lisa T-Straps (similar-ish here)
Vintage bag and belt

After dying a long, whiny, painful death, my trusty camera finally puttered out. Luckily, my man (that is sometimes) behind the camera was nice enough to lend me his until I find a suitable replacement. So far it's been an interesting journey of feeling technologically challenged and weird exposures. Please forgive me for the weird lighting and if framing is a little off. I miss my little pop out twisty screen so I could take gazillions of self-portraits!

Anyway, let's move on to the outfit. This is what I wore to have lunch with my middle sister and go birthday gift shopping for our baby sister. It was a successful trip! I hope she loves the pressies.

And it seems that I sure wear this color combination a lot. Sometimes I wonder if it's because I felt guilty for not being school-spirity enough in undergrad. I don't think I owned a single thing that was yellow or gold the entire time I was in school!

P. S. Thanks to Tara of Little Girl Big Closet for the blog award <3

Wednesday, February 24

Boot Scootin' New Dress



Outfit details: Zachary's Smile for Barney's Coop dress, secondhand
(similar here and here and here)
American Apparel Thigh High Socks
Target Katherine Engineer Boots

I spotted this dress on the racks of a consignment store down the street from my house - it was brand new with the original retail tags. From Barney's. I tried it on and had to take it home with me that weekend. This is the first plaid piece I feel like I can "do" and it feels right with my favorite boots. I think it's a keeper! This outfit also has me feeling like I am missing red cowboy boots from my wardrobe. Wouldn't a pair be great with this dress?

I feel my whole wardrobe shifting lately, with a lot more vintage and Western influences. I'm still culling a lot of things to donate and sell, and with the whole not shopping business, have had to shop my closet more. This is going to be an interesting experiment, to say the least.

Did anyone else give up new clothes shopping for Lent?

And on the brand:
Zachary's Smile is a NYC-based line of reworked vintage and signature designs in unique patterns. Some of you might remember that Anthropologie carried the brand's exclusive African wax-print dresses last year. Their NYC and LA shops stock well-curated vintage pieces in addition to their house brand clothing. I'm still dying to get my hands on my own wax-print dress! Hopefully I'll be able to scoop one up on my next trip to the City!

Monday, February 22

La Reine Du Tricot: Sonia Rykiel for H&M Giveaway!


Photo 39
Sweet Photobooth action shotz.

I made the mistake fortuitous decision to catch a showing of Shutter Island this weekend. I enjoyed the movie, but the walk from the car to the theatre included passing by the windows of the Atlantic Station H&M. It was past closing time and they were breaking out the displays for the Sonia Rykiel knits collection. And I'm not supposed to be shopping for new clothes until after Easter.

But of course I went anyway the next morning because I was dying for a giant rhinestone pin. And  I wanted to try on everything with stripes. I caved and bought this sweater. It fits like a glove and suited me much better than the yellow combination (which is very very cute in person, btdubs). I just can't wear that range of yellow.

The quality of the knits in general were very satisfying--a sturdy but soft pima cotton in (in real life) saturated colors. The cut of the pieces were feminine and hugged the body in all the right places without being too snug or revealing. The best part was the matching children's wear! I so so wanted to buy some dresses and leggings to hold on to if/when/for when I have children but held back.

And I bought you something too! I'll be giving away this tote (it could soon be ton sac!) and the matching crown pin to one lucky reader! I think the pin would be perf on a blazer, repurposed as a barrette, or on your tote bag to let people know how badass you are! Just leave a comment with your e-mail to enter. I will also add one more entry into the contest if you become a follower of my blog.

I'm closing submissions on Sunday the 28th at 9 PM and will pick a winner next Monday morning!

Good luck, y'all!

ETA 2/28: The contest is now closed! Thanks to everyone to that stopped by and entered!

Sunday, February 21

Sunday Etsy Love 02.21.10

This week's theme: Snail Mail.

I love sending and receiving little tidbits in the post, and fun stationery and writing kits make it an even better experience. I constantly keep a stockpile of blank notecards for every occasion, and pick up more whenever I fall in love with a design. Here are some ideas to get your own writing desk stocked.

Six reasons to find yourself a penpal.

Clockwise from top left:
  1. Rose Wax Seal Stamper by waxseals, $15. A beautiful little touch to any stamped envelope is the addition of a seal. I still get letters every so often that are sealed shut, and I can't help but feel extra-special when I see those envies! This seller even gives you the option to create your own seal stamper--wouldn't a unicorn or a peacock be so fun?
  2. Chevron Valley Stationery Set by avie, $15. A local favorite of mine, Avie creates beautiful paper products. These notes will be a perfect addition to my stationery desk. The chevron-heavy sheet? That's the envelope! Also check out her other wares--Avie makes wedding invites as well as the most adorable calling cards.
  3. 10 Personalized Flat notes in Peacock by MichelleBrusegaard, $17.50. I'm drawn to anything shiny and embellished with a peacock. These personalized notecards just feel so magical. I think they would look great with your name, or even a simple "Thank you" across the top. Also check out her matching business and gift enclosure cards!
  4. Faux Wax Sticks Sealing Wax by waxseals, $4.50. Now, I don't know if you were imagining using your new sealing stamp with a candle of sealing wax. In these modern times, many retailers offer this faux wax alternative. The best part? The sticks are specifically designed to go in a regular glue gun! No fire necessary and less mess? Sounds fab to me.
  5. The Winston Scroll Custom Address Stamp from onyourmarkstamps, $23.95. Your notes won't be complete without a return address! While some people opt for sticky labels, I much prefer a pretty little stamp. I love the font choice and flourishes on this one, but there are plenty of other options in this Etsy shop!
  6. DIY Inspiration kit by nicepackage, $10. And finally, for the Francophile in me and you and everyone you know, there is this nifty little kit! Aptly named the "I Left My Heart in Paris" kit, I think it would be perfect to tuck into your passport and send love letters back home when you are travelling. Or with some tea-staining, this could also be a really cute shadowbox project for a rainy day.

When was the last time you mailed a letter to somebody? Why not write someone special this week?

Saturday, February 20

Leifsdottir Site Launch

I first wrote about Leifsdottir back in the Fall of 2008, when the brand first launched. Since then, the brand has grown exponentially in popularity and has continued to churn out fresh ladylike designs.

Leifsdottir, literally translated into "the daughter of Leif", is Anthropologie's sister brand and focuses on high quality materials and details. Many of their pieces are carried in Anthropologie stores as well as other retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom, and small independent boutiques. Kelly's Closet in Atlanta carries the label and always has an incredible selection of current pieces.

Now, in addition to the aforementioned stores, you can shop Leifsdottir on their newly launched e-commerce site! It feels very worldly and luxe--very sophisticated but with the same amount of quirk you'd expect at Anthro. The Spring 2010 lookbook is up, and everything is gorgeous!

I especially love all of the (queen of) heart print pieces and this amazing yellow bandage dress:

Bamboo Garden Dress, $288 (WANT)

They even have their own customer service number! I wonder if this means they have their own chain of distribution and tracking down specific pieces will be easier? As if some of us needed another reason to shop! What are you adding to your spring Leifsdottir wishlist?

Friday, February 19

Ten..Blogs That Make Me Happy!

The fabulous Kellie of Playing Dress-Up gave me a blog award ages and ages ago. Seriously, way back in the beginning of January! And I think some of my non-fashion blogger friends tagged me to make this list even further back than that.

I guess with school starting back up I just lost track of time! Anyway, here it is, finally--with my own twist on it: instead of ten things that make me happy, I'm narrowing it to ten blogs that make me happy! I felt like my real life friends were getting horribly sick of me sharing posts through Buzz and Reader nonstop, and some of these are too good not to share.

So here they are, in no particular order-a mishmash of fashion, design, and personal stories. Click the links or the images to read these blogs!

1. A Collection a Day, 2010. This blog is a neat little project by Lisa Congdon. Each day she posts one of her collections in photograph, painting, or drawing form. It's one of the little bright spots of my day to peek at what collection she's sharing today!

2. It is Nancy's new blog. For those of you who love the Flickr group What I Wore Today: Drawings Only!, you'll adore Nancy's blog. In addition to her daily sartorial depictions, she has her own artwork and fashion illustrations. I squeal each time I find a new outfit post from her. Her watercolor self-portraits are so right on!

3. Naked in the Stacks. Rosie started this blog to document her adventures in online dating. She is a super smart and sassy lady, and I can't help but giggle and swoon as she pursues a Unicorn of a man.  A great read for those of you who are shy about getting your feet wet in online dating sites. She even adds in dating advice and lingerie suggestions! So much fun in one blog. If you want to hear the tale of her current mans, read from the beginning. It's a great story!

4. World Wide Vintagehunt. I was so disappointed when Ranna stopped updating her English blog and moved to a different address and began blogging only in Finnish. I am not Rebecca Bloomwood, okay? But an awesome redeeming event that came of all of this? She started updating her tumblr with vintage finds from different shops all over the web! Isn't everyone excited to have Ranna basically personal shop some vintage for you?

5. Very Prairie. When I started on my sewing kick, I discovered BurdaStyle (fashion sewing social networking!) and immediately began scouring the membership for sewing blogs. This is my very favorite from that search. Not only does she have awesome technical sewing skills, she makes incredible runway-inspired pieces! She hasn't updated in a while, but the archives are super inspiring. Check out the Vivienne Westwood/Polaire Vest inspired tops she's made!

6. The Greyest Ghost. Couldn't make it to NYFW this year? Yeah, me neither. You can still relive the experience, thanks to my awesome lady friend Rachel. She is my go-to girl for up-to-date fashion insider info, behind the scenes gossip, and crisp, incredible photos to accompany it all. The best part is that she is so down-to-earth! It's like living vicariously through your best friend, instead of a fictional untouchable fashion-being. She has been posting her snaps and video from shows she attended, and I cannot wait to see the rest of them! For a sneak peek, check out her Flickr photostream

7. The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Milo is not only a blast to hang out with, he has a great eye for style and loves to dress people up. And really, you have to appreciate the male fashion bloggers of the world. He's the only guy I know that can pull off white snakeskin boots, sequined blazers, and brights -- on top and on the bottom! I've really been obsessing over the mini-photoshoots he's been doing for Zoe's in Birmingham. 

8. Amtrakkin'. Meg has been talking about this trip for what feels like forever! She is documenting her Spring vacation (via train!) on this blog. The trip date is slowly approaching and I am excited to live vicariously through her! It also doesn't hurt that she is one of the sweetest, big-hearted people I know through the internet. I love her and am waiting patiently for any and all updates on her travel adventures around the country.

9. highland and ponce. Oni is one of the most naturally stylish people I have ever met. I remember first encountering her as a sales associate at one of my favorite shops and chatting about the wonderful wares they carried. Sadly she moved to the other coast before we could become the best of friends, but I am always following her online presence. This girl is a secret fashion genius, and I am always tuned into what she has to say! She blogs about her fashion inspirations and finds on her Atlanta-street-named blog. And for those of you that are intrigued, she recently made the jump from Etsy to opening her own online shop for all of us to enjoy!

10. What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear? Last but certainly not least is one of my top guilty pleasure blogs. I admittedly have never seen a single episode of Glee, but I have seen enough screenshots to know that Emma Pillsbury's (a character on the show, for those of you that don't watch it either) quirky/preppy style is a huge style inspiration. This blog is so fun! There are always amazing outfit sets in really surprisingly pleasing color schemes, and I've already found a bunch of cute pieces I want to add to my wardrobe just from the reader contributions. If you are a Gleek and also happen to love Polyvore, take a look.

Happy Friday, y'all! Hope each and every one of you has a fab weekend!

    I Like the Fishes...



    Outfit details: Piscane Cardigan by Field Flower (similar feel here)
    J. Crew Toothpick ankle cords in warm maple
    Old Navy mustard camisole (similar here)
    Maya Brenner Georgia necklace 
    Target Katherine Engineer Boots
    Vintage belt (similar kinds here)

    I found this cardigan wasting away in the depths of my knits drawer and decided today was the perfect day to take it out for a spin. This piece is by Anthropologie's house label Field Flower, and like most of my Anthro buys, I waited for-ever to get it on sale. I remember walking into the sale room at my local Anthro and squealing a little as I saw that it had been marked down that week.

    Despite that, I let it languish in my closet a whole lot. I think it's tricky to figure out what to wear with the cropped length (a skirt? over a dress? with trousers?), and I often can't decide if my Field Flower pieces in general are ugly or cute. FF does mostly embellished knit sweaters, which run the gamut from schoolteacher appliques to lovely ladylike pieces. Does anyone remember the crazy penguin getup that they did in 2007? Yikes. Despite my rocky past with this specific brand, this one really hit the spot with its quirky details.

    The belt is another score from the same excursion my satchel came from. I've been on the hunt for unique and ladylike belts that lean a little Western, and was finding nothing (in retail) that really fit the bill. I was happy to find this one for less than a dollar. I feel like such a cowgirl with the metal buckle paired with my clunky boots!

    It looks like Anthro is actually carrying a suitable similar cardigan this season if anyone is dying over this piece (linked above). And if you are really desperate for a goldfish applique piece of your own, it seems like an easy DIY project for this weekend!

    Wednesday, February 17

    I heart: Dear Creatures


    I feel like such a summer scout in this top!


    The most adorable skirt.

    After seeing the Dear Creatures brand featured around the blogosphere, I couldn't help but be immediately drawn to the whimsical and cheery designs. The brand really captures this sense of optimism that, for me, is reminiscent of long bike rides, watermelons, and unending days of sun.

    And shopping addict that I am, I usually have a dozen or so daily sample sale e-mails to trudge through around lunch each day. But how tickled was I when billion dollar babes sent me an e-mail saying that they were going to have a Dear Creatures blowout?!

    I let myself a small shopping concession last month and bought this Scout blouse. I wanted a summery nautical top that was tailored to fit me. Not only that, I thought it looked familiar. Then I realized that Anthro is carrying the same top in the chambray color! If anyone was on the fence, it's a very flattering fit--surprisingly fitted and not at all boxy.

    I also picked up this pencil skirt from the sale, but unlike the top, it sadly doesn't fit. I bought both in an XS. The top is perfect, but I couldn't zip the skirt up comfortably. Yikes! I'm debating what to do with it. It's so durn cute! I'm hoping that my gym time and some Spanx will eventually be enough to wiggle into it.

    Unfortunately it was way too cold to wear my little sailor top today. I can't wait till it is warm enough! The red plimsoll sneakers and crisp, dark jeans will be my spring staples.

    Anthropologie is also carrying one other piece by this label right now, which is even more adorable. I hope that there are some left (and maybe on sale!) by the time Easter rolls around so I can get her too.

    Unfortunately the sale is closed that I purchased my Dear Creatures clothes from, but Atlantans can pick up a few selections at Jac (quick while they still have b&m hours!), and everyone else can find these yummy pieces online at some of my favorite web retailers:

    80s Purple

    Do you have anything new or special you're saving up for spring? I can't wait to wear half of my wardrobe!

    Muted Colors



    Outfit details: J. Crew Men's Flannel (similar for Spring here)
    American Apparel Jersey Pocket Skirt
    Black leggings (get some here)
    Seychelles booties (similar here)

    I've said that a lot of my wardrobe is various colors. This is the result of trying a new combination. By being more adventurous with my color palettes, I hope to get more wear out of my very specifically hued pieces. I love the mustard with the pastel green. Next up? How to handle my neons.

    I love this J. Crew men's flannel. It's comfy and warm, and feels like I'm wearing pajamas. Trying to squeeze out a little more wear out of this piece before it gets too warm to wear flannel. The plaid and the flippy skirt feels very schoolgirl to me. I'd like to think this outfit made me look extra studious tonight during class.

    Quick administrative thing: Some of you may have already noticed the addition of a link to my Bonanzle store to the sidebar on my blog. I've been adding items from my closet sporadically, and intend to add a load more in the near future. So if you're a size 6-6.5 shoe or an XS, 0-4 in clothes, you are in for some awesome stuff!

    The best part about Bonanzle is that you can make an offer below the listed price. I am open to reasonable offers on everything I have for sale, so don't be shy.

    Tuesday, February 16

    Fat Tuesday 2010



    Outfit details: Bespoke Shirtdress by Isabella Sinclair (style #933148) (similar here)
    Target Kady Boots (similar here and the original inspiration here)
    Vintage satchel (try searching vintage D&B or leather satchel for similar)
    Polka dot tights from Target (similar here) 

    Happy Fat Tuesday, y'all! I wish I could indulge in some yummy feasting tonight, but unfortunately I have to work late. This is a quick post before I run off to work!

    After my post about the Gelateria Blouse, I decided to use my Google-Fu and see if anymore of the Bespoke Shirtdress were secretly available on the Anthropologie site. There was an XS and a S left right after I made that post, guys! On sale, for 50% off. I ordered it right away as an early treat for myself with my tax refund. When I opened the box, the plastic bag the dress came in even said "Trovata shirtdress." And of course I couldn't help throwing one other goodie in the cart, which you'll see me wear very soon!

    Also, this is my latest thrift score--a leather schoolboy satchel. I still have a Mulberry Alexa fund tucked away that I'm slowly adding to, but I'm trying to talk myself out of it because of the hefty price tag. Luckily, vintage and thrift options are plentiful. I came across this but originally had in mind more of a vintage Dooney and Burke or Coach kind of bag. But at less than 1/100th of the price of the real thing I'm lemming for, I couldn't really say no. It's all leather and is the perfect size for me.

    While I'm out, I think I'll try once more to use my J. Crew gift cards before Lent. The Lenten season keeps me more motivated than other times to give something up. I'm going to tell myself no to shopping (well, atleast for clothes anyway, a girl needs to eat and stay groomed!) for 40 days. Are you giving anything up this year? How do you stay motivated?
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