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Sunday, February 28

Creature of Comfort


Outfit details: J. Crew Suckered Gingham Perfect Shirt
Joe's Ex-Lover Crop
J. Crew Solid Anklets
Aldo Varble flats
Vintage Satchel 

This is actually what I wore yesterday. The day started with a walk to Candi's to try their stuffed biscuits I had been hearing so darned much about. What I had originally expected to be a breakfast biscuit sandwich was so much more sophisticated-- the stuffed biscuit was a gorgeous little puff of love that leaned more towards a savory breakfast calzone than biscuit. I am definitely a savory breakfast food kind of girl and kept stealing bites of my boyfriend's. ATL folk- try one topped with their sausage gravy. Yum.

The next stop in the day was the Thread and Canvas event I posted about on Friday. In addition to the wares from Homemade Grits and Kristina, I was excited to see the lovely Becka of Bou-Cou Jewelry. Remember when I talked about the bicycle necklace? You can still get you one. Sadly, I am being good and not shopping for myself like I promised and ended up only picking up a gift for someone special. It was really inspiring to see all of the creations from Atlanta's best and brightest, and I can't wait to attend the next sale!

Then after all of that was a hectic day at work. I wasn't sure if I was loving my outfit by the end of my shift, but when I was driving home I was so glad I was dressed comfortably. There was an insane traffic jam (at 11PM!!) right by my house and I ended up stuck in my vehicle for over an hour! Oh Atlanta traffic. It's a crazy story, if you are interested in reading about it...

How was your weekend? Did you get anything at the Thread and Canvas pop up?


  1. love those jeans!! i love that slouchy look

  2. I love your shoes so much! :D Why can't I ever find a pair like this?

  3. LOVE this outfit Jinah. The Gingham shirt is too cute. And man your description of those stuffed biscuits is making me hungry!

  4. We saw that traffic jam and heard rumors about a bison loose on the streets?! Atlanta is a crazy place.

    Anyhow I love all these jeans outfits you've had lately . . . with the gingham shirt especially!


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