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Sunday, February 28

Sunday Etsy Love 2.28.10

This week's theme: picnicking.

I don't know about you, but I am so ready for summer weather and the leisure activities that come with it. One of my favorites? Weekly summer picnics. When I was on study abroad it was constantly sangria, cheese, and bread. In Piedmont Park, I like fresh fruit and a good book as companions.

Here are a few things you can stock up on in preparation for park weather!

Picnicking essentials!

Clockwise from top left:
  1. Picnic blanket in red gingham by SewnNatural, $100. Now first off, you need a picnic blanket. I love this classic gingham one. It's got a flannel core and is backed in denim so your bottom won't get soggy while sitting on the grass. It even rolls up to be easily portable with its matching strap. And it's all natural and organic! So much goodness.
  2. Cheeky Monster Takeaway Poche by littleoddforest, $19. For those of you who cannot take off during a weekday and laze in the grass with me, this little bag can bring some sunshine (and your lunch!) to your workday. It folds flat when empty so you can stow your little monster in the bottom of your workbag or in your pocket when you finish eating. And sidenote--this is the cutest little shop ever! If you've been looking for an owl purse or a tree stump clutch, this is the Etsy shop for you.
  3. Vintage Pop Mod Red Plastic Sphere Picnic Set from junkculture, $24. While I love the classic fabric lined basket for formal picnics, why not go extra cute with this vintage set? I think it would be perfect for the Fourth of July! The best part is the little sphere carrying case. It's so retro-futuristic.
  4. Travel Set for Two by kauaikwilts, $45. If plastic isn't for you, this handmade set may just fit the bill. I love this color scheme with the mint and apricot tones. You get two placemats, a bottle holder, serving utensils, and a matching carrying tote in this set. This is the perfect kit for a daytime date!
  5. Stainless steel lunch kit from Bluesnapper, $29.95. This is the ultimate in lunch kits. It keeps your food insulated and separated and it all snaps together into a nifty cylinder with a top handle! This beats every bento box I've ever seen. My boyfriend got one recently and I can't stop admiring it! This one even comes with a lovely pouch to store and carry it in.
 And a quick summer sangria recipe:

- 1 bottle rose wine
- Juice (I suggest white cranberry + strawberry and/or white grape + peach)
- Italian soda (I like pear for pink and white wine sangrias)
- Seasonal fruits (this is good with nectarines and strawberries)

Mix together in a pitcher, and really that's it. You can let the fruits soak for a few hours to overnight, but I usually can't wait that long before I want to drink the whole thing. Mmmm.


  1. My boyfriend-on-hold's nickname for me is "picnic" ('cause I have so many favorite gingham-y dresses and skirts), so the theme of this post made me smile! I happen to love picnicking too so I will definitely check some of these out! Oh, and I think I have one of those steel lunch kits lying about somewhere -- they are pretty prevalent in India, I think they are called "tiffins."

  2. How fun!!!! I'm seriously so excited for the warmer weather. Winter is cramping my style.

  3. Mmmmmm Sangria is sooo yummy.. :) and picnics are the best.

    xx Love & Aloha

  4. Nom nom... that wine sounds great. I've never made my own sangria, but I'm thinking about trying it!


  5. Anjali--I knew it had a name! Boyfriend kept saying it but I couldn't remember the word "tiffin"

    Elaine-I was looking through my old posts and I was whining about winter at the same time last year too! Haha.

    Justine-You should! It's a really yummy and quick drink to make.


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