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Friday, February 19

I Like the Fishes...



Outfit details: Piscane Cardigan by Field Flower (similar feel here)
J. Crew Toothpick ankle cords in warm maple
Old Navy mustard camisole (similar here)
Maya Brenner Georgia necklace 
Target Katherine Engineer Boots
Vintage belt (similar kinds here)

I found this cardigan wasting away in the depths of my knits drawer and decided today was the perfect day to take it out for a spin. This piece is by Anthropologie's house label Field Flower, and like most of my Anthro buys, I waited for-ever to get it on sale. I remember walking into the sale room at my local Anthro and squealing a little as I saw that it had been marked down that week.

Despite that, I let it languish in my closet a whole lot. I think it's tricky to figure out what to wear with the cropped length (a skirt? over a dress? with trousers?), and I often can't decide if my Field Flower pieces in general are ugly or cute. FF does mostly embellished knit sweaters, which run the gamut from schoolteacher appliques to lovely ladylike pieces. Does anyone remember the crazy penguin getup that they did in 2007? Yikes. Despite my rocky past with this specific brand, this one really hit the spot with its quirky details.

The belt is another score from the same excursion my satchel came from. I've been on the hunt for unique and ladylike belts that lean a little Western, and was finding nothing (in retail) that really fit the bill. I was happy to find this one for less than a dollar. I feel like such a cowgirl with the metal buckle paired with my clunky boots!

It looks like Anthro is actually carrying a suitable similar cardigan this season if anyone is dying over this piece (linked above). And if you are really desperate for a goldfish applique piece of your own, it seems like an easy DIY project for this weekend!


  1. adorable cardigan! the fishes make me smile. :)

  2. I am loving the navy and yellow combo. I really need more sunny yellow in my life. Plus the fishes are super adorable.
    I "find" stuff in my closet all the time. It doesn't keep me from buying new stuff, but it briefly makes me go "d'oh!"

  3. That's the cutest cardigan ever! I need to keep my eye on Field Flower.
    the renegade bean

  4. Cute cute cute! I think this is a very fun outfit :). I have a hard time figuring out how to wear cropped things as well. A few years ago it was easy, but it seems like styles are becoming harder and harder to work with cropped tops.

  5. I LOVE THE FISHES! SOO cute! WHat a great piece.

  6. I've been looking for that cardigan to pair with my sweet life skirt ( a la catalog shot) for YEARS. so jealous >.<

  7. oooh love this color combination. i am totally jealous of that cardigan!!

  8. I remember that cardigan - it's so cute! My very first sweater/cardigan purchase at Anthropologie was a FF cardigan. I wish I could remember the name of it, I think it was from 2006?? It has flowers appliqued all around the neckline and I always get compliments on it.
    I have those same cords too, lol.

  9. Not buying that cardigan is one of my greatest Anthropologie regrets.

  10. Yay, I have this cardi too. Even though I bought it out of desperation in an XS because that's all that was left in my store and so it's a little tight around the arms and I never wear it. Shameful :) You look fantastic in it!


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