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Saturday, February 20

Leifsdottir Site Launch

I first wrote about Leifsdottir back in the Fall of 2008, when the brand first launched. Since then, the brand has grown exponentially in popularity and has continued to churn out fresh ladylike designs.

Leifsdottir, literally translated into "the daughter of Leif", is Anthropologie's sister brand and focuses on high quality materials and details. Many of their pieces are carried in Anthropologie stores as well as other retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom, and small independent boutiques. Kelly's Closet in Atlanta carries the label and always has an incredible selection of current pieces.

Now, in addition to the aforementioned stores, you can shop Leifsdottir on their newly launched e-commerce site! It feels very worldly and luxe--very sophisticated but with the same amount of quirk you'd expect at Anthro. The Spring 2010 lookbook is up, and everything is gorgeous!

I especially love all of the (queen of) heart print pieces and this amazing yellow bandage dress:

Bamboo Garden Dress, $288 (WANT)

They even have their own customer service number! I wonder if this means they have their own chain of distribution and tracking down specific pieces will be easier? As if some of us needed another reason to shop! What are you adding to your spring Leifsdottir wishlist?


  1. Oh my, that dress is gorgeous!! :D And that skirt is too cute, I want it!

  2. I was drooling over the Jubilant blouse too! Not sure I want to plunk down $200 for it, but it makes me heart go pitter patter.

  3. The yellow dress is on eBay right now for $89-$99 in a bunch of sizes. Just search for "Leifsdottir Feather" (not sure why it's called the Feather Dress -- perhaps it was the sample name...?) and they'll pop up.

  4. ohhhh I am sooo in love with that yellow dress! I think I NEED it! :)

  5. Ooh, I just wrote about Leifsdottir this morning! I have loved them since the beginning too, when I spent far too much of my time stalking one of their sheaths from the Fall 2008 preview, waiting for it to appear on Anthro's site. And I'm excited for the-commerce site, since it now means I no longer have to do this Anthro-stalking (/Nordstrom/Neiman Marcus stalking) business for new pieces I want!

    Love that Bamboo Garden Dress too. And I'm somehow trying to justify the Shibori Silk Dress (red with polka dots) to myself.

  6. Gah! I wish I could afford this line! I love Kelly's Closet and desperately wish I had a close friend getting married so I could take her there :)


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