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Saturday, June 28

Lazy day indoors

Yesterday was hectic and long. I decided to take today off from most of the world. No shoes for this outfit because I was indoors all day with the exception of this photo. I finally got a lot of work done and caught up on Lost.

And there is that dreaded skirt again. I love this shirt - it's so fun! My sister stared at it for awhile and couldn't figure it out. I guess it is like a Rorschach splatter painting.


Shirt, Zara; skirt, AA.

Thursday, June 26

Spotted: Prada Fairy bag

I spotted one of these hanging from some lady's arm while at the mall today. I stared for a few seconds and almost started following her so I could look at it some more. Ugh, so awesome and pretty and impossible to get.

God, I love the good mall.

Zara International Sale

So the way that retailers and shoppers operate in Europe includes two major sales - in January and July. Which I mean, that's when the best sales are here, but it's not quite the same. Many people do most of their shopping during this time and a lot of stores will slash prices on everything from the current season. In France these few weeks are called "les soldes," and it is one of my favorite times to visit.

Following this retail pattern, fast fashion merchant Zara is currently having their huge sale, starting today. Literally everything from Spring/Summer has been reduced and prices will continue to be slashed for the next few weeks until everything sells. The new collection is available at full price and includes the "cruise" crossover stuff.

So if there was anything you were eyeing this season, go now! Zara isn't known for continually restocking items, and while sometimes it is heartbreaking, that's part of the excitement! I went today and blazers in Woman were marked down to $79.99-$89.99 from $149; dresses in Basic were marked down as low as $19.99; and they had a huge selection of sizes in shoes left!!

If you have multiple stores available to you and are a Zara shopper, I would urge you to go to all of them! Last summer at this time, I went to stores in something like 8 different countries and each had different merchandise and sizes available.

(photo from

Quick little outfit post

After cutting up what used to be one of my favorite pairs of jeans, I realized that brought up my collection of jean shorts to well, two pairs. I happened upon two similar sailor-ish pairs on a Forever 21 visit. I was really hoping to find that Mondrian print dress/tunic, but came out with these instead.

This outfit was for errand running - a dentist appointment and lunch followed by a trip to Zara. I feel like nothing matches lately, but I don't care too much.


Haha at my cat trying to open the door behind me...

Tee, Beck merch; shorts, F21; jellies, Old Navy; bag, Hayden Harnett.

Monday, June 23

Silly shots

I've been dying to pull out this vest. And these shorts. And these boots. I had to fight with my coworkers and come in extra early to work to get my hands on one of these vests.

The shorts are a result of the only Topshop purchase I made in London.

And yes, I realize how silly I look in these glasses. And sorry for how silly my poses are in these shots. I'm trying to sell the bags.




Haha I cannot get over how ridiculous these "action shots" are.

Tank, AA; vest, Zara; shorts, Topshop; booties, Minnetonka; sunnies, H&M; bags both Marc by Marc, Airliner bags.

Saturday, June 21

Lots of trends, oops

What I wore yesterday for a marathon hangout session with one of my favorite people. It was complicated because the day's plans included being outside (in the heat), being inside (in the arctic a/c), and not being too overdressed (because no one else I know does). Close enough.

Oh and I loooove the print on this dress. I found the last one in the store and it happened to fit. I have been unable to track down the bikini, but oh well.



Dress, H&M; cardigan, Rogan for Target; jellies, Old Navy; handbag, Hayden-Harnett.

Friday, June 20


I have a problem and occasionally buy multiple Marc by Marc handbags in a single go. I don't know, most of them cost less than $400, are cute and age appropriate for a twenty-something, and are made of yummy leather compared to other bags at the same price point.

I've been going back and forth on the Totally Turnlock Quinn for a couple seasons. One season it was too hardware-y, another, the compartments were too cumbersome, on another version it had little d-rings that didn't make sense to me visually. And they always come in different colors every season - grey, acid yellow, sea blue, poppy red, etc, etc.

But look. It is a baby one. And it comes in a magenta/hot pink. I'm itching to call one of the sales reps at the Savannah store. Where is my voice of reason when I need financial advice?

It's priced at $398 on shopbop, a cool $50 less than its bigger counterpart.

Tuesday, June 17

H&M Opening Day finds

I only ended up leaving with three things on Friday. Because well, it was insanely crowded, for one. And those were the only things I wanted and I knew right off the bat. I think I spent less than 15 minutes in the store.

I was so frustrated that the North Point store never got the slew of floral tops and dresses I had seen on other blogs and as worn by other bloggers that I was anticipating so much. And then I realized that that store didn't carry that line. And the new store definitely would, but would they get in the items I wanted that had been out since May? YES. Yes they did. In multiple size runs and colors. Delight.

Oh man this does not photograph well at all. All the shots I took with it on were so washed out. I was surprised to find the fabric on this was a spandexy polyestery blend. Like swimwear spandexy. Whatever, it's awesome. It even has a layer of tulle and a huge band of elastic in the lining at the waist to keep its shape.

I also saw a girl at the club wearing this in black and I totally want that one too now...

Oh, and I couldn't find the tube top tunic/dress in the same print with the buttons down the front. Sadness. I will say I ran to the display with the mannequin wearing the maxi dress in order to snag this first.


This was also a similar spandex fabrication. There was also a bodysuit/one piece swimsuit with the same pattern. Whatever, it looks as great as it does in the photos. However, it is just a smidge too short to wear without a bottom layer or leggings.

I ended up grabbing a high waisted tea length skirt, but need to exchange it. I can't decide if it's awesome or completely and absolutely impractical for any weather here.

A trip through Midtown

You know, I didn't realize all of my outfit was from the same place until I started making this post. Gosh.

And putting this dress on this morning, I came across one of my least favorite activities - ironing. So much woven cotton nonsense requires ironing and I find it so ridiculous and inconvenient. I ended up using a flat iron on the ruffles (why the heck do ruffles need ironing, ugh) and on the sash. I think from now on I have to buy jersey knit and polyester (yuck and yuck) if I'm going to be this haphazard about clothing care.



Oh and this is what my hair looked like, more or less.

Dress, Jovovich-Hawk for Target; sandals, Target; handbag, Gryson for Target; hair accessories, H&M.

Monday, June 16

H&M Opening, Atlantic Station

I never did post about Friday's festivities. Unfortunately I didn't snap any photos, but if you read my last post about the North Point mall opening, it looked like that, times 15. The place was crawling with security to dissuade queue jumpers (which was unfortunate because I had plans to meet friends and my sister had summer classes to attend to). The line started at the front door with a red carpet and wrapped around the building and snaked around more than four times.

I knew the first few people in line and they admitted they got there at 8:45PM the night before! God, I couldn't sleep outside in that humidity and with a storm constantly threatening like it was that night. The very first person in line arrived at 2PM. Gosh.

I didn't get out of bed until 7. It was totally worth the full night's sleep.

They handed out tshirts and totes and other goodies, but I only heard the cheering from around the building. I was something like 450th in line and missed out. I really only went to grab a few things from the ladies and trend line that they don't carry at the other store.

The store looked just like any other major city store - multistory, carrying all of the brands. My sister exclaimed, "Oh it looks just like the ones in Europe!" Yes, that and the one on 5th avenue, oh globalization.

I'll post my finds once I find my camera.

Wednesday, June 11

Summer Plaid

I picked this up on my San Francisco trip last month. It's from this little shop in the Mission. I'm still iffy on it, but it's a perfect weight for this hot weather and isn't too clingy.

The shorts resulted from a morning of "I have nothing to wear" anxiety. That and I realized I don't own any jean shorts at all.


Excuse random runaway hair.

Top, tulle; shorts, cutoff Earnest Sewn; sandals, Sun-San; necklace, bracelet, and bag, all MBMJ.

Monday, June 9

Water Ice

So when the Rita's opened in Atlanta a little while ago, I was curious. Well, no, I'll be honest. I was really upset because the Bruster's in that space closed. But I often find myself in that midtown plaza with a bit of free time before or after a film, and I was curious.

I love custard, check. I like italian ice, check. I love frozen treats of a dairy variety, check.

Not only that but at the midtown shop, the owner/manager is such a character! The first time I went, he and a younger employee were offering suggestions on what to order and arguing over who would make it. And then they stamped my card a few times and were jolly. Smiles all around.

The new Marietta location opened this weekend and they were advertising free italian ices. I took my sisters, and they happened to know literally all of their employees. Thus ensuring I got my gelati and custard for free.

When the lady in line behind us asked us incredulously, "Oh wow! Is the gelati free today?" I quietly shrugged and walked away pretending not to know how to speak English. Then the girl behind the counter says to her, "Hi Mom! What can I get for you today?" And I ran off.

Second outfit of the day

In college I found a lot of reasons to wear multiple outfits a day. I'd have one for going to class, napping, going to lab, evening dates, extracurricular meetings... And the weather here is so finicky that sometimes I'd sweat through my outfit or get super rained on. No wonder I had so much laundry all the time.

It's still bright and super hot out. I should really get a photographer so I don't continually post washed out shots for the rest of the summer. My deep v is actually peachy apricot. I am also not that vampire pale.

I'm debating getting this skirt in the other color scheme - teal and green. Y/n?

Deep v, AA; skirt, H&M; jellies, Target; heat wave, free.

I has a suit

I wore this out to my really-early-in-the-morning-real-world-big-girl-job interview. I love my suit. I had my sisters give me some input on what to wear and they both hated the jacket. Whatever, I can't stand blazers with lapels. I don't have the patience to get things tailored and they always look poopy on me.

I would have gone with colored shoes if I didn't work in such a conservative field. Conservative office interview dress = closed toed shoes. Boo! I still chose to wear a little bit of color instead of a collared shirt though. Which I also think look yucky on me...

Jacket and skirt, J. Crew; seafoam tee, AA; necklace, F21; pumps, Liz Claiborne; earrings, borrowed from sister's jewelry box.

What I wore.. yesterday.

I wore this out to the mall to get harassed at H&M. It's been 90-100 degrees out so sorry this is so washed out and weird and contrasty! Either that or I've messed with the settings on my camera in unfixable ways.

Vest, jovovich-hawk for Target; tee, Urban Outfitters; jeans, J. Brand 10 inch; sandals, Target; blazing sun, Georgia.

Friday, June 6

Update post

Sorry it's been so slow around here the past few days! I'm trying to get my things together to move out and simultaneously working through my post-college slump. Also, I haven't really left the house, so there have been no outfits to note.

Things to look forward to in the next week, though: interview outfits, the HUGE H&M opening at Atlantic Station, and more movie themes.

In the meantime, please enjoy this video:

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.
This is a short film by Blu. It is amazing. I cannot describe it, just watch.

P.S. Those of you that know me in real life and came here to find my travel blog, I've relocated it. Call me for access, I realized how many strangers were reading ~what I did last summer~.

Madewell ATL

So I was taking a smoothie break at work last week, when I walked by a covered storefront. Knowing how retail is doing firsthand, I wasn't surprised that space was changing for the third or fourth time since December. But then I read the store name. And my heart stopped.

They are opening a Madewell 1937 store here! This makes me feel all tingly and special! They chose my mall to put a store in after ages and ages of not having a New York storefront. (I checked in February and it was still under construction.) Well, that and the one that was open wasn't open to the public.

For those that don't know, Madewell is under the J. Crew umbrella and is supposed to be a more casual, younger line. They have a few looks up on their website and many of the pieces are in a similar price range for comparable things at J. Crew: $100 for a pair of jeans, $70-150 for dresses.

I think the stuff looks super cute, but there have been mixed reviews all over.

Either way, I still feel special. Just as special when the Barney's Co-Op opened here. Yay!

Wednesday, June 4

White hot

Like I mentioned earlier, I don't like trying too hard in Summer. I'd much rather be in a bikini and shorts all the time. This is probably the most accurate scale of how tall I am compared to all the other photos.

I met up with friends I haven't seen in ages and felt like a monster giant standing next to them! I forgot why I don't wear heels a lot. I feel freakishly tall. I must make tall friends now.

Dress, Rogan for Target; necklace, F21; shoes, Zara; bag, MBMJ.


I really didn't think I could wear maxi dresses. I thought it'd be like Nicole Ritchie or Rachel Bilson paparazzi shots where they are dragging on the ground or carefully holding one end up. I was thrilled to find that this one actually gives me a few inches off the ground! And I'm not even supermodel leggy or tall. And this is in flats! Hurrah.

I picked this up on my San Francisco trip. They had a ton left when I went about a month ago.

Dress, Marimekko x H&M; belt, F21; gladiator jellies, Old Navy; bangles, H&M.
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