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Wednesday, September 26

Bienvenue: Ponce City Market Tour

Markus scored tickets to tour the Ponce City Market space, which is currently under development. Originally a Sears-Roebuck building, and most recently Atlanta's City Hall East, this tremendous space has so much rich history, and I was thrilled for the opportunity to take a glimpse into the construction zone.

The short version? Big building, lots of potential.

As a total history and architecture layperson, it was still extremely interesting. I've been on the fence about taking an Atlanta exodus, and seeing projects in my 'hood that are so inspiring definitely tip the scales back in the city's favor.

Onto the tour!


Let me preface the rest of this post by explaining:

  1. I have poor vision.
  2. I have trouble seeing in the dark.
  3. The dark is home to squicky things like ghosts.
  4. Old buildings are haunted.
Okay, all of the above being said, many instances I was scared out of my wits on the tour. There were a few moments where our group was just standing there in pitch black darkness, with only a disembodied voice to follow. I tried to tell myself I was sweating profusely because it was August and I was wearing a blazer. Not because factory worker ghosts were passing through me at that very moment.

So you walk into this giant building.


Yes that one. It's been the subject of urban exploration, and possibly the backdrop to some horror films in your adult life.


They give you this silly hat. Now that I look back on it, I think it was more for seeing guests in the dark than protecting us from falling debris.


You try not to cower at those extremely dark crevices beyond where the light shines.


Everyone piles into this beautiful, but very Old freight elevator.


You go up. Really high. The little hairs on your arms prickle when you think about how similar this experience is to riding the Tower of Terror.


You get out, no Rod Serling voiceover, sigh of relief.


You admire the Original Wood Flooring.


Eventually the group wanders out onto the roof. It is covered in tar, and looks just like the rooftop of White Provisions, pre-bourgeois days.


You look up.


You look down. Realize that you are standing above the Whole Foods parking lot. You know, that one that is endlessly frustrating to park in. Marvel at how miniature everything looks.


Go for another elevator ride. Enjoy the columns. Forget why and how these date the rooms and floors due to construction styles.


Walk outside of the building to see the progress on the Beltline. Participate in parade a few days later. Attempt a run and realize that those patches of dirt you paraded over are now deep trenches, just begging to twist your ankle.


Learn that the original wood flooring, post-restoration, will come up shiny and new, just like this. Under the linoleum and carpet staples lies a sturdy walking surface, hooray!


Forget why these columns are different from the other columns and the other other columns.


Snap one last photo before heading into darkness. Try not to count the orbs you see on your phone.

Okay, so maybe it wasn't that scary! I look forward to the construction completion in 2014, and aspire to one day hold my own storefront or work in a really rad office in the complex.

Outfit details:

Friday, September 21

Chasing the Sun

Atlanta is in the middle of that weird seasonal shift--where it's still warm enough to wear sandals during the day, but you might want to grab a sweater when you go out at night. It's that perfect little in-between of patio-dining and early-evening-strolls-through-the-park weather before it's too chilly for frozen yogurt.


Labor Day snuck up on me, came and went, without too much fanfare. So now I'm in that scramble to fit in some appearances of my favorite summer garb before I have to pack it away again. This Anthro piece I picked up late into the summer, but have managed to wear it to a ladies' brunch and family dinner.
To me the citrus shades scream sunshine, so I'm going to get as much mileage as I can before boots weather is upon us. What summer pieces are giving you lingering looks in your closet?
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