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Friday, September 21

Chasing the Sun

Atlanta is in the middle of that weird seasonal shift--where it's still warm enough to wear sandals during the day, but you might want to grab a sweater when you go out at night. It's that perfect little in-between of patio-dining and early-evening-strolls-through-the-park weather before it's too chilly for frozen yogurt.


Labor Day snuck up on me, came and went, without too much fanfare. So now I'm in that scramble to fit in some appearances of my favorite summer garb before I have to pack it away again. This Anthro piece I picked up late into the summer, but have managed to wear it to a ladies' brunch and family dinner.
To me the citrus shades scream sunshine, so I'm going to get as much mileage as I can before boots weather is upon us. What summer pieces are giving you lingering looks in your closet?


  1. Please call/email me when next you wear this ; )

    1. Haha I feel like these days I'm wearing mostly office attire! It was good to see you this weekend, Cameron!


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