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Friday, March 6

Day to Night






Sweaterknit blazer, Sparrow (Anthropologie); skirt, H&M Trend; shoes, H&M.

Ice skating dress and disco leggings, American Apparel; cardigan, Plenty by Tracy Reese; boots, Frye.

I felt like such a rebellious teenager yesterday -- I had to pull the whole two outfits switcheroo as if I were going to skip school to hang out at the drugstore in skimpy clothes and smoke cigarettes.

No, I guess it wasn't really like that at all! I was planning on wearing the very first outfit OVER my concert clothes so I could go straight from work to the Britney show. I ended up swapping out the blazer for the cardigan and only had to whip off my skirt while sitting in traffic. I don't think my ~photo flow~ was quite so demonstrative. Maybe a little suggestive, however. Whoops.

I know that I look covered head to toe in the last outfit, but really I didn't feel that short skirts and shiny bottoms would fly in my semi-conservative workplace. I sort of dressed to the theme (Circus) as much as I could without going too over-the-top. The show was hot! I will update about that momentarily.


  1. Aahhh I love that anthropologie sweater. Looks fabulous. The long skirt is great as well.


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