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Sunday, October 11



Dress, Corey Lynn Calter; blazer, Anthropologie; booties, Jeffrey Campbell.

I must be insane. Currently forgoing healthy eating habits in order to purchase shoes and expensive furniture.

Well what exactly was I supposed to do here? These puppies were selling out all over the place and I knew that even if I put them on a birthday wishlist, it would be unlikely anyone could track them down anyhow.

So Lulu's fashion house had a pair left in my size. I think it was worth it. They are really impractical but add the right amount of edge or spice to my mostly conservative wardrobe. And are different enough from the Chloe ones. Not that my day-to-day involves running into people that would know what they were besides real shiny.

I'm also beginning to wish I wasn't less shy with the camera. Or lived in a little bit of a safer neighborhood. My mans keeps being like, "Why don't you go take a walk with your tripod to capture different backgrounds for your outfit of the day photos?"

To which I respond, Because I am a wuss. And I don't want my camera to get stole. And because the immediate neighborhood includes three boarded up houses and that is just too scurry for me.

Looking forward to this week! Hope everyone had a great weekend so far.


  1. Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh, you got those shoes. I would KILL for a pair in black, but Free People is the only company that stocked them in an 11, and they sold out a long time ago and restocked every size but mine :( BOO. However, I am a weakling and ordered them in brown anyway...hope I willl look as cute as you ;) Anyhow, all that is simply to say, those cute shoes are definitely worth forgoing healthy eating!

    I am so bad about picture taking too. Although my neighborhood is pretty nice, but there are always children playing on the street when I get back from work and I am afraid they will think I am just the vainest ever if I start randomly posing within their sight ;)

  2. i think it was worth it to get the boots over healthy eating ;) they look so cute on you! i keep visiting them at the Free People store and can't decide if i 'need' them or not, but this pic is pushing me towards 'need'. ~joelle

  3. I totally get what you mean--I've been scrimping on proper food to fund my unhealthy shoe addiction! I just bought a pair of booties myself, just this morning...LOL.

    Love the lime green sash detail, the dress is also way too cute!

  4. What a gorgeous dress!! I forgo food altogether for my fashion wants ;)


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