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Friday, May 8

Buckhead Library

I ventured out the other day to get a library card. Mostly because I wanted to go to the Buckhead library branch - the architecture is amazing. There have been campaigns to keep the building standing since the surrounding area is currently being torn down and rebuilt.





  1. Oooh. I geek out about architecture too. I love how the side of your library is all scaly like a beautiful grey snake!

    Have you ever seen pictures of the East Los Angeles Library? It's the prettiest library I've seen in person. :) Maybe the next time I go there I'll take some pictures so you can see!

  2. i love public books free magazines....for free?? :)

  3. Hey Jinah, do you plan on going to the H&M 2nd rollout of the Matthew Williamson collection this Thursday May 14? Just curious, wondering whether it's worth going to. Wish I knew what items would be there.

  4. I need to go! Cath and I grew up going to our local lib, none of them looked nearly this cool!


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