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Saturday, June 19

Magic Kingdom of Style


Outfit details:
Ray Ban Original Wayfarers in Red (similar here and here) 
Anthro Deletta tank dress from '09 (similar here and here)
Zara crochet snap belt (similar here and here)
Born Alea sandals (similar here and here)
The Look for Less: (dress),  (belt), (sunnies), (sandals). 

Okay, y'all must be tired of seeing and hearing about Disney by now, so I'll keep this short. Packing for the trip was tricky. On top of comfortable long distance walking shoes, I packed basically the same clothes I might for a hiking or camping trip. Everything I wore (I guess except to dinner) was breathable, easy, and super casual.

Hope this series of posts gets some of you excited about the magic of Disney! While at times I felt like I chose to visit a center of consumerism, I felt the magic and wonder in every inch of the grounds. A+, would recommend, will visit again.

And for those of you curious about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter? It's officially open today (Saturday, June 18)! We didn't even attempt to go since all of the guest services people at our resort insisted that we wouldn't be allowed in. From all of the videos I've seen and blogs I've read, it promises to be excellent. And if nothing else, the Butterbeer alone is reason enough to plan another Orlando trip mighty soon.


  1. Love the spunky red sunglasses - sounds like you're having fun! Hope you got a hot dog at Casey's in the Magic Kingdom - one of the best dogs I've ever had.

  2. I am so enjoying these Disney posts! I cannot wait to take my kids sometime in the future now :) You are absolutely gorgeous, even in your comfy clothes! glad you're having fun and hope the rest of the trip is just as amazing.

    *what kind of camera are you using? these photos are phenomenal!

  3. The butterbeer was FANTASTIC! I braved the madness here:

  4. You look so happy and beautiful and I'm totally jealous! I live less than an hour away from the California Disneyland but I've always wanted to go to the Orlando one. :)

  5. Lisa--In fact, I think we did have hot dogs there! All of the meals we had were impromptu and unplanned, but I am always impressed with the snacks and meals I've had at Disney in general.

    aimee--I recently upgraded to a Nikon D90. The photos in my most recent posts are taken with the stock lens and minimal editing.

    AmandaRose--I just took a peek at your post about the WWoHP and it looks so amazing! How exciting that you got to go!! I don't know if I could have braved that crowd after four parks in 2 days in 100+ degree heat though.


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