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Wednesday, October 13

Tick Tock on the Clock





Outfit details:
Old Navy sailor striped tee (similar styles here and here)
Monocle necklace (similar here, and on Etsy here. The Marc Jacobs accessories stores also carry a really great monocle necklace!)
Anthro Lost Time skirt (similar feel here and here)
J. Crew trouser slouch socks (sometimes 25% off in stores if you buy 3 or more pairs!)
Nine West Fairfax maryjanes (similar here and here)
Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini

After patiently waiting for months, the weather finally turned around and I got to pull out my clocks skirt. This poor little lady has been patiently waiting since June to be properly pressed and styled. Not only has the weather been unforgiving, the style of the skirt itself has been difficult to tackle.

Many of the skirts I find trouble matching things with seem to work best with white or cream tops, and this one is no exception. Since I am very partial to color, this outfit composed of neutrals was actually a bit of a stretch for me. But it can't be so bad that "adventurous" for me means wearing normal and office appropriate color palettes. I'm glad--it took me this long to accept that scaling back on the color scale does not mean compromising my taste.

I feel so grown up finally making this realization! I'm more than ready to fall into a more coherent sense of wardrobe, and feel like I'm suddenly on the right track.


  1. I love all the time elements in this outfit!

    Like you, I'm big on color and I'm slowly coming around on wearing neutrals. It's great that you've been able to figure out how to keep your style but work in a toned-down palette.

    Sidewalk Chalk

  2. I love this look! I would try an red-orange top for a pop of color against the skirt!

  3. Love the grey socks and mary janes!

  4. so pretty! the socks work so well! i haven't tried the socks with heels look but here it looks subtle and not too trendy--lovely and pretty!

  5. I love how you wore this skirt with socks and mjs! Totally unexpected, but still very put together, and so stylish. I thought this skirt was too dear, but now I am rethinking all the ways it can be restyled.

  6. You look lovely! And I love the neutral color palette, it suits you nicely!

  7. Love the socks with the shoes. And your whole outfit is so well put together.

  8. I think you look put-together and more neutral, but still totally Jinah!

  9. i love the stripe + floral combination and the socks with heels. such a great combo!

  10. Love the maryjanes and socks with this look!


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