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Sunday, November 7

Fall Forward




Outfit details:
H&M bird print dress (similar pieces: here and here)
J. Crew Jackie cardigan
Spanx Tight End tights (THE best tights ever. No runs or snags, and super opaque!)
Fluevog Radio oxfords (similar pairs: here and here)
Anthro Pure Bred Tote (similar here and here)

Today's outfit comes straight from a fantastical French adventure. One night of Halloween weekend, I donned a Zorro costume and ended up masquerading as Amelie Poulain.  Inspired, I thought romantic shapes, clunky shoes, and splashes of red and green would be a perfect tribute to one of my forgotten favorite characters. Her style was always a balance of quirky and romantic, and when I hit on that mix just so, all kinds of magic seems possible.

At first I crinkled my nose at Amelie's chunky shoes. But she works all day on her feet (like me!) and walks a whole lot (like me!) to get where she is going, and now I completely understand. Fortunately oxfords and clogs happen to be en vogue--clunky shoe wearers rejoice! I'm pushing for them to be considered un-frumpy forever.


  1. I love this outfit and the inspiration behind it. Amelie is one of my favorite movies --- if I ever have a daughter, I might name her that...:)

  2. I love your purse & especially your shoes! Ahh

    KF x

  3. What a wonderful idea for a halloween costume! Amelie is one of my favorite characters of all time, and you channel her so well- right down to the bangs :)

  4. You are adorable! What a cute tribute :)

  5. I saw the first photo and thought, I must have that cardigan- it`s so amelie.

    And then I scrolled down and realized that you WERE indeed inspired by that very quirky french gamine...

    Just goes to show how powerful colours and clothes can be, eh?

  6. This outfit is beaaaautiful Jinah! Love the colors and patterns so much. I search for this dress everytime I pass an H&M but alas both of my stores seem to have only stocked it in a size 2 and 4, sigh. But anyway, you look awesome. And Amelie is maybe the cutest costume idea ever. You channeled her look so well here too.

  7. You look so cute on this dress and love the color of cardi you paired with this outfit.

  8. YAY! My favourite dress this season, and it looks great on you! I especially like the red cardigan with it...très bien français!


  9. you look great! i may have to go back for this dress, i *almost* bought it last night!

  10. I love this whole look and the bag is great, oh, and the shoes are too...Hmmm, I should have just stuck with "the whole look"! =)
    Kristina J.

  11. Wow, I can totally see Amelie in this! You are adorable! And clunky shoes = yes for everyday situations where you are expected to WALK, haha!

  12. I didn't know that Spanx makes tights! I want to try a pair!

  13. Haha! I remember thinking the same thing about Amelie's shoes! Yours are much cute and equally as practical. That dress fits you perfectly.

  14. i love the dress. thanks for the links!

  15. what color did you get those shoes in?? The ones on the website don't look nearly as cute as the ones in your pictures. Could be lighting but?

    Love this look!!

  16. Anon--Sorry it took me forever to respond! These are the brown ones that come with blue laces. They also come with a pair of brown laces, which is what I'm wearing here. They're unisex too, so they might look huge and butch on the screen?


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