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Wednesday, December 8

Winter Craft ADD



Most of my friends will attest to my major crafting ADD. I feel like I always have a project in every category in progress, and still get sudden urges to create something new. And usually at the most inconvenient times... This time around? Right smack dab in the middle of finals week.

My favorite cold weather crafty activity is knitting. When I found myself at my local yarn shop with lots of chunky yarn in hand, I knew that it was the perfect opportunity to blow off all of that exam time stress and get some holiday gifts in the making. I find it's nice to keep my hands busy when my mind feels like mush.

So this year it looks like a run of chunky circle scarves and cowls are in order. Now that that's settled, back to hitting the books. See you on the other side of finals in a few days!


  1. Crafting ADD, I love it! That blue is the most beautiful color! Will we be able to see your lovely finished products?

  2. I usually crochet a lot in the winter, specially now that I have several pregnant friends and I like to make baby blankets.
    Share your finished products soon!

  3. Ditto, it's cold and dark up here in Washington, so I've been crafting (and craft ADD-ing) a ton. Would love to see your finished projects!

  4. beautiful yarn! would love to know what pattern it is? looks like a seed stitch?

  5. i LOVE knitting. too bad my bf is allergic to cats, or else i'd be happily knitting on winter nights with a kitty and the TV on and a big mug of hot chocolate...i'm thinking of giving myself a knitting project the rest of this month. maybe a super chunky scarf!

  6. Oh man, I love knitting/crocheting! Your yarn is really pretty, and I love the way the stitches look with your white yarn =)

  7. Hope your exams went well, Jinah!!!
    ps- How do you knit a cowl?! I'm just at the scarf stage (and have been for over ten years- yikes) ;)


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