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Thursday, October 2

Proof: I am Asian

I think I sometimes fit into that category of Asian girls that looks cute in schoolgirl uniforms and enjoys really cute things. I have a mild Hello Kitty obsession and have had miscellaneous Hello Kitty knickknacks since I was four. This is fun, most of the time. People ask me if I am Japanese. I was told once by an adult that I am New York/London/Tokyo. (I always thought I was Atlanta/New York/Paris.) I squeal when I see outrageously cute things. Most of the time I don't indulge this part of myself and tone it down. See: capri pants. See: the number of solid black pieces creeping into my wardrobe. See: smart looking read I tote around on the bus.

When I saw these, I couldn't stop myself.


I definitely went through a vinyl toy phase and thought I was over it. I would pore over the pages of shiny shiny things at KidRobot and customized a Munny or two. But oh. These are Hello Kitty. And the Simpsons. Look at the details. The Simpsons ones are glorious. Urban Outfitters got these in and I feel like I might end up buying them like normal people buy lattes. Maybe I can justify my toy collection by telling myself that I'm not eating out or buying coffee drinks every day.

My only issue is well, what do you do with them? I don't have the time or energy to play house with my Hello Kitties. I know a shelf or shadow box would be cute, but I have a pretty curious cat who would undoubtedly sit on either and knock all of them off.

I don't have a desk job or a cubicle, otherwise I'd probably keep them in a pleasing arrangement there. What to do what to do.

Speaking of toys, I can't seem to find my vast Kinder egg surprise collection or my set of Heatherette figurines.


  1. Those are outrageously cute!! I tend to put all of my cute knick-knacks on my bookshelves -- interspersed with books and pictures. It seems to work well!


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