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Tuesday, January 12

The *Jeggings*




Outfit details: J. Crew printed cotton lawn popover shirt from 2007 (similar here and solid here.)
J. Crew Velvet Blazer from 2007 (this year's version here, on super sale!)
AG The Tights Denim Leggings in Rosebud (buy them here, here, or here.)
Frye Bonnie Tall Riding Boots in Red/Black (in black, brown, and grey here.)

I originally planned to wear this purple shirt with matching purple corduroys. When I put on the jacket too, I felt a little too Willy Wonka and changed into these. Yes, these are the horrible fashion faux-pas--denim leggings.

I appreciate their utility as today was a very long day of sitting and waiting, and wearing leggings that look like pants are a nice little comfy alternative to jeans. Sometimes I have to fuss too much with my jeans, occasionally doing the belt loop hoist or deep knee bends to accommodate for weird stretch or fit issues. These don't do any of that weirdness, hooray!

Also, I think these are a little more socially acceptable as they are thicker and actually made of denim. And they are produced by a *real* denim brand. There are rivets, and pockets, and even stitching at the (sewn shut) fly. Not to mention the waistband is 100% more comfortable than any pair of jeans I actually own.

Anyway, these won out because they're the most convenient for tucking into tall boots. The boots with the jacket turned out semi-equestrian, I think. And the shirt and the jacket was just enough purple to satisfy my original plan to go monochromatic for the day.


  1. This is difficult for me to force out but... I LIKE your jeggings! They looked like actual jeans til I saw the waistband and since you said they're really comfy I now... want them? Even though I own no jeans, haha. I can imagine how shocked everyone would be if I was a "jeggings only" girl. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I wore mine today too! I should take a picture because today's outfit is 100% anthro! I'm probably lying to myself but I feel like these are just skinny jeans with a flat band and aren't leggings at all.

  3. Fallon--They totally are! And you don't have to fuss with the fly. I love them lots.

  4. Jinah, I had no idea what 'jaggings' were until I read your post just now....whoa! they look just like skinny jeans, but I imagine they're so much more comfy! Pretty boots at Target, leggings that look like're exposing me to a whole new world here 0.o

  5. very cute! i was thinking about succombing to jeggings. they just seem so perfect for tunics and boots

  6. Are denim leggings a faux-pas?! They look fabulous on you! I tried on some Joe's last night (at kscope:) and wasn't too impressed. I'm going to have to look out for yours. You look fabulous (and not even a twinge of Willy Wonka), Jinah!

  7. Wow, I agree with everyone else -- I could not tell those were jeggings at all! You look great, and OMG your boots -- so pretty!

  8. I am feeling this entire outfit, from head to toe!! I love the plum color of the jacket, and cannot believe those are not real jeans!! Madness!! Way to trick me, because now I am actually going to check them out.


  9. I've been eyeing that blazer all season, but they don't have the gray version in my size :(.

  10. I actually like these jeggings!! I would have never guessed that they're not actual jeans! You look cute! :)

  11. i found your blog through ss. i'm addicted! you have GREAT, relatable style :)

  12. i think the outfit looks great! love the purple jacket. i have regular jeans that look like leggings, yikes, maybe that's not good?
    anyway, i think they look great on you!

  13. Those are jeggings? They look like skinny jeans to me!

    Good call on the purple cords. You look great in this outfit.

  14. Wow- my eye was immediately drawn to those red (?) Frye boots!

  15. I love these jeggings -- they don't look much different from skinny jeans. Love your boots and you look great!

    So glad I found your site -- it's always fun to find another Atlanta blog! :)
    - JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

  16. I love the purple on purple and I can't believe those are jeggings... They look JUST like jeans!


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