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Thursday, June 30

Leopard Burnout

Now that it's really, officially summertime, the inevitable shift in retail happens. That's right, I'm already unpacking boxes upon boxes of fall clothes at work. Among the sweaters (gasp!) and coats (ick!) came this leopard spotted number.

I surprised myself by being so drawn to it--it's really the culmination of so many things I don't like in my wardrobe. It's jersey, it's black, it's got a hideous backwards hook and eye detail, and it's a JERSEY DRESS.

June 29, 2011 1
Let me tell you about me and jersey dresses: despite the fact that I wear them all the time, I totally do not get along with them. I always turn my nose up at these jersey garments, scoffing that they are too easy to wear, and if I wanted to wear something easy I might as well be wearing sweats.


They're easy. And summer means carefree, easy dressing. Especially when it's high heat and a squillion percent humidity. Okay, the JERSEY DRESS. Okay, so I gave in.


June 29, 2011 5

June 29, 2011 4

June 29, 2011 2

June 29, 2011 3
I always promise myself I won't talk about the weather, but I guess that ship already sailed. It's not really seriously a squillion degrees or a squillion percent humidity, I think I've just been reading too much of the Shopaholic series this summer.

Outfit details:


  1. I am totally digging your hair in this color. And you look AMAZINGLY ROCK AND ROLL. I love this! I hear you on the love/hate thing with jersey dresses... I always feel like they're a little too easy, but that's also the biggest benefit of a jersey dress -- their easiness! But the crazy hemline and leopard print makes this dress anything but another ho-hum jersey dress -- it's downright sassy!

  2. I'm digging the hipster in you - this is such an easy breezy look, but you totally detailed it out with the accessories and made it fantastic.

  3. Love your styling here Jinah!

  4. What? No, totally not new. In fact, I wore them in September ( I mean, they are on sale for like $12 at Target now. lol


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