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Monday, June 27

What You Missed...

A little update on what I was doing while I was away from the Internet (as is more and more often this summer!), Instagram-steez.

Sara smile
I spent some time with Daryl Hall and John Oates.

Finally! Notions for foxes and bunnies!!
I got major craft inspiration and have been spending all my free moments at home making prototypes. If it goes well, I hope to finally have a booth at ICE Atlanta this November! Can you guess what I'm working on??

Ice cream sandwich bench!!!
Visited the new Morelli's location which just opened in the Edgewood shopping center. I always get the Salted Caramel; Markus prefers the Mexican Chocolate milkshake. It's all real good, either way.

Omg those blackberries
Had an extra special double birthday brunch with 8 of my favorite people.

And finally, finally found a secret source for one of my favorite treats. I last had a taste of these in 2007, when I cleaned out a display in Germany.

Now that we're all up to speed, here is the winner of my little giveaway:

The winner is...

Heather Anne of Scoomer! Congrats!


  1. Before spotting them this past weekend, I had only seen them in Germany. I found these at a local International farmer's market. I would try your local specialty store or farmer's market. I found Kinder eggs at this one gas station (!!!) once too.

  2. WHERE do you find those German hippo chocolates! I received a few as a souvenir gift and hoarded the last one for months before my sister, ah, "borrowed" it. :/

  3. Oh that salted caramel ice cream looks awesome!

  4. Looks like you've been having a blast and those deserts are seriously making me hungry! :)


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