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Monday, September 5

Endless Summer

September 6 2011 3
I'm a sucker for anything with a nautical theme. And lately I've realized (despite my inner teenage rebellion) that I love anything with some prep injected into the style. Sure, I'm all about wacky novelty prints, but lately it's only within certain ladylike silhouettes.

This little skirt is one of my favorite endless summer pieces, but since it is mostly white (black and white are both non-colors and no fun!), it doesn't get out much. As I've grumblegrumbled about on the blog, I'm making strides to amend that. The functional wardrobe/dehoarding project is still coming along quite slowly, but I think the final results will be well worth it.

September 6 2011 4

September 6 2011 2

September 6 2011 5

September 6 2011 1
Hope you are having a fantastic Labor Day!

 Outfit details:
  • Anthropologie vneck tank by Deletta (now on sale)
  • Anthropologie Sailboat skirt (circa 2007? 2008?)
  • Dolce Vita Jaquie clogs

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