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Thursday, October 11

OOTD: Mod Frock, Foxes, and Ombre

So the thing about taking a blog hiatus, is that you forget about how complicated the little things are that you used to do daily. Like the art of self portraits. Yo, that shit is hard! Bloggers who historically have and still do take all of their own photos, deserve every bit of recognition they get.

Anyway, this is what I wore last time I was in Decatur. As I'm now a working girl with a Monday to Friday gig, I finally get to celebrate my shopping choices over the past 5 years in various shopgirl roles. So often I would curate or veto pieces based on, "Can I wear this to my (hypothetical dream) job?"

Outfit details: 
Dear Creatures 9-to-5 Dress (similar) / Anthropologie Miette Blazer (similar) / Orla Kiely Fox tote bag (similar) / Rachel Comey Mars boots in leopard (similar)

Blazers and opaque legwear, yes. But also fox print, vintage-inspired frocks, and ombre hair? Also yes. I get the best of both worlds really.

Hi, remember me? I always feel like apologies are lame, as are excuses, but if you must know: I wrapped up grad school and a very intense period of time where I was working three different jobs. Who ever would have thought a single steady job would be such a luxury! I hope to make it back into your regularly scheduled blog programming. Stay tuned.


  1. So great to see your post in my dashboard! And I totally empathize with the issues of taking photos -- I'm taking mini-hiatuses all the time, so it's hard to remember where to stand and take photos and just not be awkward.

    You look lovely, and I love your hair! Congrats on entering the working world.

  2. Seriously, I so love your style, Jinah! Lovely, lovely.


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