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Wednesday, November 18

Peter Pan Blouse


And one more layer for class:
Blouse and belt, Anthroplogie; jeans, H&M; boots, Frye;
cardigan, American Apparel; bag, Longchamp; Frups cat.

While I have probably complained more than necessary about dress codes in general, it is the unspoken mode of dress in my grad classes that really gets me. I voiced this to one of my lady friends over dinner the other night, and she balked. She insisted that I get over it and just wear whatever I like.

And yes, my life in B school did sound a lot like Legally Blonde.

So I branched out today, just a little. Color and a side pony?! Outrageous. I even painted my nails a crazy purple. Maybe after the Thanksgiving break I'll even venture into shorter hemlines for class.

This is what I call my "Peter Pan" blouse. I love that it is such an unexpected color in a prim and ladylike shape. It also comes in a dark grey and purple, which are both equally excellent. If I was still working (and bringing home the bacon), I'd have snatched up atleast one more color.


Bonjour y'all! Thanks for stopping by.

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