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Tuesday, November 24

School Colors

Dress, Jacqueline dress from Anthro; open cardigan, Urban Outfitters; 
belt, Anthropologie; tights and Kady boots, Target; school bag, Longchamp.

I didn't really think about this while running around wearing this, but this is definitely a school colors outfit. Like, wear to a basketball game and screaming at the top of my lungs school spirit outfit. I can't say I really embraced wearing gold through undergrad. That and my aversion to wearing black explains the complexity of my closet dilemma.

This is what I wore to hang out at home with the cats, go to a meeting, and attend class. Skinny jeans, a cami, and a cardigan have been my uniform while not working but today I felt inspired to put an outfit together. I've been reading Kim's blog Anthroholic and feeling simultaneously inspired by her outfitting and shocked at how many  Anthro pieces I seem to have accumulated.

Oh, and I got a seasonal job! School is wrapping up shortly and I'm so glad to have something to do for my six weeks off.


  1. So cute!! :) The Jacqueline dress is great on you. I bought the blue but it was way too short on me for some reason, boo.

    Congrats on getting a job to tide you over! More money to accumulate more Anthropologie :)

  2. I love yellow and navy together - one of my fave combos.

  3. Oh, trust me, it is ridiculously short on me too. I tried to wear it to work a few times and always wished I had worn leggings.

  4. great outfit,love how belted the cardi:)

  5. congratulations on your job! I love the outfit, I wish more people tried when it comes to school spirit outfits. It can be so much more interesting than a T-shirt or a hoodie and jeans!

  6. I love this outfit, especially the way you used a wide belt to cinch your cardigan instead of a thin belt. And the color combo is great, too.
    the renegade bean


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