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Thursday, November 19

Starting from Scratch

I think it started when Annabel moved to Blogger from Livejournal/Chictopia. Her style is defined by combining crisp, flattering basics in neutral colors. I am constantly envious of how put-together she looks without ever wearing anything that felt too trendy or gimmicky.

I, on the other hand, am crazy about incorporating color and wearing frilly girly things every so often. And whenever I have an "I have nothing to wear!" day, it's because the mix of things in my closet varies from wedding appropriate garb to punk concert wear.

While yes, I know what my personal aesthetic is, my wardrobe looks totally schizophrenic. My current closet as it is now leaves me overdressed or standing out for every occasion. I just want to start from scratch and wear only black and white basics until I sort this out. Am I the only one?

Things that are on my list as I clean my closet:

The perfect v-neck tee

Madewell boyfriend v-neck

The perfect pair of dark wash skinny jeans

J. Brand 912 Pencil jean in Ink, $159

The perfect printed top

The perfect oxfords

Frye Erin Oxford, $168

Anything else I should include? Alexander Wang tees? A specific brand of leggings? What about blouses? And I guess I should try to foray into slacks again. Pants suggestions?


Bonjour y'all! Thanks for stopping by.

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