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Wednesday, November 5

An Historic Occasion

Last night and today in general feel pretty epic. I'm supportive of positive change and various improvements promised, but can't help but feel anxious that the times are changing and what that might mean. That, and I am too much of a worrier.

This is what I'm wearing to mark this occasion.



I'm wearing blue and a blue ribbon. Feeling hopeful and filled with optimism. Or at the least, trying very hard.

Cardigan, J. Crew; dress, Richard Chai for Target; ribbon tie belt, J. Crew; flats, Nine West.


  1. The ribbon is too cute. It is hard to still not feel anxious, but it is also wonderful to feel even a tiny bit of hope after so many years of pessimism!

  2. okay. i totally have that dress, but it does not look that cute on me. not fair!!

  3. I love the dress - great idea pairing it with the ribbon belt!

  4. Nice lookin.



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