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Wednesday, April 22


The Nutella brownies (well, the second batch anyway) turned out super yummy.

The saltiness of the peanut butter meshed really well with the cocoa and Nutella. And they were really moist with all the butter and peanut butter piled in. They were especially good with dulce de leche ice cream.

Mmm look at the perfect papery top.


Oh and free ice cream was extremely exciting and worth the struggle to park and the wait in a long line. I am a huge fan of frozen treats in general and I guess I come off as a huge dork in public because of it. Oh well.

The girl behind me in line was super excited too.

This lady behind me was telling the kids about her dog.

One kid asks, "Ooh what is his name?"
Lady responds, "His name is Max!"
Kids are so funny.

Outfit: Dress, Anthropologie; shoes, Chie Mihara.


  1. Me and my lactose intolerant self are envying you. I still love your blog and your sense of humor. I'll just stop staring at the brownies.

  2. Oh I think I'm totally lactose sensitive too!! I had something like three glasses of milk during the course of brownie making/baking/cooling/eating and suffered greatly.

  3. Love the red dress. I tried that on at Anthro but ultimately didn't buy it. It looks better on your with your black hair than it did on me with my mousy brown hair!

  4. This is a really late comment (just found your blog), but could you tell me the brand/ name of the red dress from Anthropologie? I love it!

  5. Hi, I love your red dress! I know it's Anthropologie, but could you tell me the name of it? I'd love to find it if I can...really appreciate it!

  6. Mn--Sorry I didn't get your comment for a few days! Blogger filters my comments on older posts since spam robots like to target them. I've been out of town and just now saw your comments! I do not know the exact name of this dress. As far as I remember, it was not put on the website, or it sold out way before it made its way to the store. The brand is Moulinette Soeurs, which is an Anthro produced brand. I can probably track down my receipts for the SKU number, but I don't have any other information than that. I purchased it in the Spring of 2009, about one year ago. Hope this helps!

  7. Thanks so much, Jinah! I'll do some scouring on ebay and see if I can come up with one. I love it.
    Sorry for the duplicate comment- I didn't realize the early one had posted.


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