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Wednesday, September 16

Anna Sui for Target OMG


Dress, Anna Sui for Target; pumps, Liz Claiborne.

So I stalked the Buckhead Target over the weekend until Sunday morning when the Anna Sui dresses were finally placed on the floor. I was basically breathing on the glass doors at 8 AM with my best lady and my best mans in tow.

Originally, I went for this little number:

A la Blair. But then this jacquard houndstooth print dress caught my eye. Honestly the navy dress didn't excite me in the preview photos compared to the plethora of other options, but in person it was so unbelievably perfect.

Seriously, so perf. All fully lined and trimmed in quality materials, and isn't a little too out there. I was afraid that most of the dresses would feel too synthetic and cheap but I was not disappointed.

Truth be told I loved pretty much everything from this collection - the timing (released as Gossip Girl premiered), the fabrics, the colors, the cuts. I ended up cleaning out the Blair section and tried on everything they had (which was literally everything at 8:01).

I didn't totally blow my wad though and only got things that are somewhat practical. Everything I purchased was work appropriate or could be worn to a wedding/birthday party/out on the town/black tie affair.

My top three picks after seeing everything in person are:


Houndstooth Jacquard Dress, $59.99
The perfect dress. I love this. I would wear this to just lounge around the house so I can feel a little more like Blair Waldorf while I watch TV.


The picture for this didn't cover all the precious details of this dress. I loved the metallic buttons, the layers of lace, and that little buckle detail that all made it feel a lot more luxe than Tarjay. The pictures do not do it justice at all. The issues I had with it were that the dropwaist didn't hit me where I wanted, and neither did the hips. In fact, though I am not hippy by any means, the hips were way too small in this one.

Despite the fit issues for me, I think this is an easy little piece to throw on for multiple occasions for any girl. This can take you from class to a coffee date to dinner and out at night in a single day.


Metallic Jacquard Dress, $59.99

This was another piece that didn't impress me in the preview photos. But in person it is so so fun! The metallic sheen looks a lot more expensive in person and it hangs better on a real woman's figure. A very fun little party dress or even a brunch dress if you are a classy lady like Miss Blair.

Did anyone else scope this out or am I just bananas in these hard economic times?


  1. i bought the gray/black dress with the squares and rivets and the gray jumper with the weird shark teeth looking applique, but took a seam ripper to those. 4, count'em FOUR of my friends tried the black/purple dress on and couldn't zip it themselves at just under the boobs. fit everywhere else perfect, once we got the zipper past that point, it was perfect. but all four of us had the same problem. i am impressed you were able to wear it. and it is a FABULOUS dress!

  2. Ooh, you look adorable in those dresses! I think the color profiles on your last 3 photos made them upload a little weird, but you manage to be cute even in black and white ;) The Houndstooth and the Seersucker dresses were my favorite dresses from the collection, that Metallic Jacquard I for some reason didn't even see in my store but you look great in that too.

    LOL at the image of you steaming up the windows Sunday morning ;) I didn't love the quality of a lot of the rest of the pieces in the collection for some reason, but I did really like a select few, and I think the idea and timing of it were so fun.

  3. Oh and I agree with Lauren --part of the reason I was against a lot of the pieces was that the sizing throughout this collection was apallingly boobs-unfriendly! Crazy.

  4. I couldn't wait for this line to hit stores either! I ended up with the off the shoulder red/black/white dress. I was so thrilled to find that the good were out Saturday at the Tarjay in Marietta. I also had to explain who Anna Sui was to the sales lady.

  5. Ohmygosh jealous! I wish we had Target here >_<

  6. Ooo I love your picks, Jinah! I was worried that the dresses would be cheap in person too! I wonder if anything will be left when Cath and I get back from NOLA (more importantly, I wonder if I'll have any funds left ;)
    Bon weekend, Jinah!

  7. Love your picks!! You look amazing! Love that dress!


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