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Sunday, September 20

I need my own Paparazzi...


Dress, Express; blazer, Anthropologie; flats, Jeffrey Campbell.

Papa-paparazzi. No, but really, I feel like my self-timer photos have declined in quality now that I have a live-in photographer. Besides that, whenever I take these I usually have 2 minutes from grabbing my tripod to getting out the door and end up rushing through the whole process.

This is what I wore to work on Friday and quickly regretted because this dress was crushing my ribcage. I felt like my upper body was being constricted in a corsets and fainting couch sort of way and cursed myself. How weird that that would be the part of my body making it so clothes don't fit me properly?

And yes, this is the Baby V dress I posted forever back. So A+ for cuteness, not so good for breathing.

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