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Wednesday, September 23

Turkish Rugs Dress


Dress, plenty by Tracy Reese; boots, Frye; headband, Anthropologie.

Sorry about the indoor shots. Atlanta has had these insane flash floods and I haven't really been able to take proper shots outside. That and I'm pretty sure the front and back porches are covered in dirt and plants from the overflow.

This is what I wore to work to promote rustic cuisine, fall merchandise, and good cheer. I missed layers even though they require cooler climates. Favorite fall dress, favorite fall boots, trusty headband, check. I might end up wearing a variation of this every day.

Minus presentation days for school. On which I have to wear a wool suit. I guess I can make that fashion-y too.


  1. I've heard that you guys have been getting wacky weather lately. Cute outfit...stay dry!

  2. You pull of that dress SO well. You and your dresses..... :) I'm jealous! I only have...8!

  3. What a gorgeous dress - I love it!
    That wasn't a TR for Anthropologie dress was it? It looks great on you, I like how you paired the boots with it too.

  4. I got it at Anthro but I don't know if it was an exclusive piece. I know I saw other prints in the same shape on other sites like revolve.

  5. WOW.! You look absolutely gorgeous in that dress. Your complete This outfit is adorable.


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