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Sunday, September 27

Bham babbys



Yummy treats at Urban Standard

A love letter from barista to a lovely lady

Milo and my biffle Lana.

So I finally collected enough continuous free time to take a trip to Alabama to visit one of my besties. After living in the city for so long and having it in my head that Atlanta compared to the rest of the South is on a different level, I had no idea what to expect.

But then I remembered that being friends with her is like having five different friends; and that undoubtedly she would know where to eat delish things, shop for jewels, drink iced lattes, meet bearded boys, and listen to the cool jams. There are amazing little pockets of laid back secretly hip boutiques and restaurants, and I saw so much in one day!

In addition to the local flavor of the city, the Greek festival and the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival were both going on. I was glad to see a lot of culture vultures and a surprising amount of diversity and not the "bro-deo" I had anticipated.

And Milo Beloved lives there. In addition to cupcakes, vintage, antiques, and beautiful people, what more can you ask for?


  1. Ooooh, it looks so fun! I love the mismatched chairs at the cafe. Oh, and the bust of some French king (Louis VIV or VVII?)

  2. ok wil you pleaseeee tell me how you make a cute little header like your bonjor its jinah one!!! i love you jeaners


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