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Sunday, December 20

Coat Dreams




Dress, Bailey 44 from Anthro 2008 
Coat, J. Crew Wool Ruffle Front Coat 
Boots, Frye Bonnie Tall Riding Boots in Red/Black 
Bag, Rebecca Minkoff MAM in Dark Brown
Necklace, Forever 21 Pyramid Cubed Chains

This is what I wore to brunch with the lovely Alicia of Want Beer With That? yesterday afternoon. I was too drug addled to think to take photos, because I'm cool like that. It was awesome bonding with a new girlfriend over our backgrounds and growing up in these *hard times.*

I'm going to make this quick because I am itching to get back to sleeping off my illness and continuing my Big Love Season 3 marathon On Demand.

Jersey dress from my last place of employment (I never outright admitted this, but I suppose it was fairly obvz). I was going to pass on this for the longest time, but an easy longer sleeved dress is a great thing to toss on and go when I can't be bothered to concoct a proper outfit. For example, this weekend during Sickapalooza, holiday edition.

The boots are my standby winter boots. The color is a little "edgy" for most things I do, and I do have them in a more "conservative" color (black!) but I haven't dragged them out of storage to top these for whatever reason. I like the little back harness strap thingy and they keep me super warm up to the knee.

The coat was to replace the "miss" from last season's Manoush coat I was dying over. After passing on several opportunities to purchase the original coat (it continued to filter back in and out of my store in several sizes), I finally had the chance (and a good enough discount strategy!) to get this one. So I did. It rules.

The necklace was a gift from my super secret online Secret Santa this year, and I'm so excited to wear it all the time! Thanks internet lady! I like online, as you all may have gathered, and yes this is from a friend that is from the depths of online.

And one last thing - when searching for the necklace on the F21 site so I could link it for y'all (you're appreshing the links, amirite?), I saw many suitable alternatives and several OOHIWANT pieces. Including a very Fiona Paxton-esque piece for less than $20. In case you are with it and have gotten all of your holiday gifts and are now allowed to gift yourself.

I meant to put together some holiday gift guides this year, but somehow managed to wait until it was too late. So instead I think I will be putting together a few "Gift Yourself" lists assuming that some of you will be lucky enough to be able to in a couple of days.


  1. i LOVE the coat, I just got it in black but never saw that color!

  2. Love everything about the outfit!

  3. Ah, you are too cute, as usual. Love the ruffle coat, I wore mine today too! Your Rebecca Minkoff is looking mighty fine as well :) And I very very much appreciate the links! I always click excitedly when bloggers take the time to do that, saving me frantic google searches.


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