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Tuesday, December 22

Rebecca Minkoff Boxing Day Sale

Sarah (of RM) mentioned the possibility of this at the sample sale a little while ago. A few of the boxes en route to Atlanta from LA for the sale were stuck in the middle of the country due to inclement weather, and resulted in a smaller selection at the Atlanta sale. In order to make up for it, she said Rebecca was going to try to have a post-holiday sale online. It looks like the RM team pulled through!

My picks from RM in general to keep an eye out for (from my plan of attack for the Atlanta sale!):

3-zip Clutch (sold out nearly everywhere!) in Flatiron Grey
 (photo from Luna Boston, where this color is an exclusive)

Research indicates there might be cream/eggshell and bright royal blue versions available! I think I've posted both the Black Haze leather and the Dark Shimmer versions as I pine over them on the blog. I really wanted to get my hands on one at the sale, but to no avail.

This is the same dimensions as my Morning After Clutch I frequently wear. The zippers add a really great bit of edge. And it looks small but I fit tons in mine! But that being said, I change bags pretty frequently and have learned to pare down. I've fit: my (chunky! almost as big as a film camera!) digital camera, brick cell phone, checkbook length wallet, Graphic Image planner, a pair of sunglasses, and keys in mine at once.

Matinee in Cloud Grey, made extra covetable by Lauren Conrad

The Matinee is also an amazing shape, and looks great in distressed leathers, bright colors, and the always classic RM Wine. It's been spotted at the past few sales in purple, distressed grey, teal, and tan/cognac colors.

I love that this bag has a plethora of pockets! It's not immediately obvious from the photo, but the bag is a barrel shape with two zippered compartments on either side, slip in pockets on top of those pockets, and a front slip in pocket (or two, depending on what version!) on the front/back sides.

I feel like at a sale price, this is one of the best buys. You get a whole lot of bag for your buck, and since these usually retail for $600+, it's always exciting to find one at a great price. For those of you scoffing at my little go-to clutch purses, this little lovely is plenty big enough, trust me. 

Studded Rocker Crossbody in Black with Gold
Find it (here) and (with silver studs here).

Also really hard to find! A few of these have been scattered through the physical sales. I've seen one in person and it is a great size--the perfect little going out bag. It's big enough to carry essentials (cards, keys, cell) and can fit more if you don't mind it not being flat!

Let me know if you snag anything! I am not working insane amounts at the mall for the first time in three years and I'm excited about lounging in my pjs post-holiday rather than rushing into work!


  1. There are just too many things I want. Thanks for adding to that list!!! ;)

  2. ooh, that studded rocker purse is fab! thanks for sharing :)


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