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Wednesday, December 16

Rodarte for Target...A Sneak Peek!


Why yes, that is my handbag shelf. And my too-tiny closet.



Following a tip from Cath and Lar of AsianCajuns I rushed to my local Target after hearing that they got the Rodarte line early! My plan of attack included the tulle dress in nude or black, the leopard on lace dress, and the skeleton sequin dress. Not to mention a handful of skinny belts and those adorable lace tights with the waist bow!

Somehow I only made it out with this little number. And all of my loved ones who are often my wardrobe sanity checks have vetoed it. I think it's gorgeous but maybe I do not have the modelesque tall and slender frame for it. Or maybe I should take it back for a bigger size? So so indecisive.

I like how it fits across the chest (like I'm not the reigning prez of the local ibtc) and in one size up it looked really baggy and frumps in that area. The sheerness of the tulle across the top is amazing and nearly invisible, and I looooove the giant bows. It also came in a mustardy yellow (the same hue as the cardigan and skirt outfit in promo shots) as well as black.

The leopard print number didn't work for me, I think the coloring was a little too yellow or something. It did have these really great bows popping up along the back zip which was a sweet touch--too bad it didn't come in a solid color too!! The skeleton dress was as awesome as promised in person, but I was disappointed to find only the front was sequined. The back was a solid black nylon material. The XS felt a little too tight in it, and the S was falling off my shoulders, so I decided to pass. I may change my mind if I find it on sale a little while later.

Since I do not have plans for early Sunday morning, I think I will still venture out to the Target location I usually stake out in order to snag a skinny bow belt and maybe the blue Cinderella swiss dot dress. It was gorgeous on, but the shopaholic in me felt more anxious about not missing out on this nude dress. Thoughts? Should I exchange for a larger size? The black maybe?


  1. I would love to get the black version of this dress, but I'm certain that I'm much too short to pull it off. :( I will, however, be checking my Target for the lace cardigans and bow belts! The blue dress is adorable too. There's so many things I want to buy! :D

  2. This tulle dress is like the Kimono dress for me- I just want to hang both of them on the wall because they are so gorgeous. But they definitely looked funky on me- maybe you are right about the model (read near-skeletal) body. I did get the blue dress and love, love, love it!
    Did you spot any bows or tights? A friend of mine went back later the next day (to Edgewood) and said the clothes were either removed or bought out!

    p.s. On other important topics- Cath and I are seeing Gaga Monday night (not Tuesday)- le sigh- or else we would have totally wanted to meet up, Jinah! I'm so freakin' excited I can barely see straight!

  3. great dress! love your blog btw. I want the blue lace dot dress. :)

  4. Omigod, what an amazing dress! I love it, and envy you heaps--wish we had a Target here in M'sia! >_<

  5. I think you look great in it Jinah :) It's probably a little...out there to a lot of people, I think b/c it is so-over-the-top girly, but it is somehow kind of amazing. I tried it on in my store today and unfortunately the nude color kind of washes me out (sob -- it's so very ballerina), so I might get the black, although another little black dress is pretty boring-town.

  6. I bought this dress in black, hoping that I could layer it and toughen it up a bit. I like it so much! I was quite excited to shop the collection and review it today, and I ended up buying a lot- 3 dresses, the gray leopard belt, and the black lace cardigan.

  7. Hello! If you don't mind me asking, what size is that dress? I think I'm about the same size as you are.. I just ordered the M online, and I've been worried about the fit. If you've tried the swiss dot dress, what can you say about it? :)


  8. Patty- I'm just under 5'5" and I usually wear a 0 or 2 in women's dresses and I'm wearing an XS here. I feel like this particular line ran true to size or at times big! I tried the small on as well just to see and it worked, but I liked the fit on top of the smaller size better.

    And the swiss dot dress was great on! I'm a fan of dresses that are fitted at the waist and then pouf out into an a-line or circle skirt shape. It zips up the back and the sheer mesh snaps at the back neck. I tried it on last week and got a 3 in that one. Hope this helps!

  9. Thank you very much! I'm actually a bit bigger on the chest and hips, so now I'm glad I got a size up. I can always have them altered if they're too roomy. Thanks again! :)

  10. Super cute dress! How many colors does this come in? :)

  11. This dress comes in black as well as a mustardy/marigold yellow. the bows on the shoulders of the yellow dress are the same as the nude pictured above.


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