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Thursday, February 9

February Photo Challenge: Days 1-7

I've managed to keep up with Fat Mum Slim's February photo a day challenge so far. It's nice to have a low pressure daily reminder to keep being creative. Just the thing to get my blog face back on.

Here's a recap of what I've come up with. Some are so-so, but I feel more inspired than ever to create lots of GREAT.

Getting on the bandwagon. My little student office view. #febphotoaday
1. Your view today: the view out of my student office window at school.

How people used to exchange #words. The mail! And mail chutes! #febphotoaday
2. Words: How people used to exchange words. Through the mail. This mail chute lives on in my building.

Clap your #hands if you're workin too hard. #febphotoaday
3. Hands. Bling it on.

4. A stranger: This little bundle of joy is still a stranger to me! Can't wait to meet her.

#10am blogging about Jason Wu. #febphotoaday
5. 10am: Writing the most recent blog post on Sunday morning.

Class from 4:30-9:45 means #dinner at 4:00. #febphotoaday
6. Dinner: Hanging out in the Student Center. Sabotaging any notion of a dietary change.

Press start to begin. #buttons #febphotoaday
7. Button: The set of buttons I face every day.

P.S. Anyone else participating? I'd love to see your posts!

P.P.S. Did anyone else watch the live streaming IFBCon? Or go? OMG the bits I caught were so good!


  1. #4 - Wow, is that you? Congrats!!

    1. Hehe, I thought someone would ask that! Nope, I think it would be a feat of smoke and mirrors if I was able to hide being that far along in outfit photos. It's one of my girlfriends.


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