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Monday, February 20

Manicure Monday!

Tanie has been running her weekly Manicure Monday posts for a minute now, and today I finally got my act together to play along! Not gonna lie: I have an embarrassingly large nail polish color collection. So really there's no excuse for my talons not to be dressed their best too.

And heh, my nails matched my outfit today. I decided to do a neons twist on the crescent moon/half moon mani. 

Butter Tea with the Queen, OPI Did it On 'Em

Nail art has definitely made some strides into the mainstream--anyone have some awesome nail art blogs to recommend? My coordination and skills aren't quite there yet, but I love to look at what people have managed to create!


  1. i love it! that yellow color is AMAZING.

    <3 katherine

    ps - found you through the modsquad list ^_^

  2. I love the colors! So creative.

    xoxo Maria



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