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Friday, February 17

Jason Travis: The Most Fun Engagement Photos, Ever

It's been a busy week! I feel like my Twitter feed was BLOWING UP all week between NYFW and Social Media Week. It's almost too much excitement, enough that Valentine's Day almost got lost in the mix.

I said almost. It seems like love wasn't totally forgotten in Atlanta. In fact, we even made Mashable's top ten list of cities with the most engagements as number 1! And with engagements comes a whole slew of whirlwind activities and planning, starting with a photo session for the big announcement. Being tapped into the creative community in town, I get to see so much amazing work from my friends.

My friend Jason Travis shot this set for Karyn and Keith (of Oryx and Crake fame), and I couldn't help but share. Love and creative minds really do mix. Inspired by Jon von Holleben's Dreams of Flying series.

Karyn & Keith 1/5
Whovian themed <3

Karyn & Keith 2/5

Karyn & Keith 3/5
A clever nod to their musical talents!

Karyn & Keith 4/5

Karyn & Keith 5/5

How clever are these themes! I keep looking and looking at these, and can't help having a big silly grin on my face.

Find more of Jason's work at
Learn more, find tour dates, and listen to tracks from our lovely couple's band
Oryx and Crake here:

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