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Friday, February 24

February Photo Challenge: Days 15-21

You know when you get sucked into a midterms + multiple jobs vortex? Yeah, me too. Here's a belated Febphotoaday update.

Not a Tardis. #febphotoaday
15. Phone.

#somethingnew - working on my fitness. #febphotoaday  I am basically Homer Simpson. #glutenfreefornever
16. Something new. New exercise gear, new workout regimen. Uhh, in general working out again = new.

It's #time to go home! #febphotoaday #sunset #sky #clouds
17. Time. Sunset time, time to leave the office!

Have yourself a #drink. #febphotoaday
18. Drink. Soda sips from my favorite local pizza place.

Something I hate to do: count all these darn pennies! #febphotoaday
19. Something you hate to do: counting pennies. Can former retail girls relate? Yuck. Why are there like four rolls in there?

Studying. Jessica Hische inspired doodling. #handwriting #febphotoaday
20. Handwriting. Midterms, as I mentioned.

I ended up accidentally skipping day 21 since I feel asleep early on Wednesday--and didn't wake up until the next morning. So I'll throw in a bonus snapshot.

Markus bought me tickets for the Portlandia tour for Valentine's Day. Unfortunately, I had a work event already scheduled, and couldn't attend. BUT THEN! They added a second show last night, and we got to go giggle with Fred and Carrie firsthand.

Even better? Uhh, special guest Margaret Cho. I was close enough to pass them notes. Eek!

Have a great weekend!

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