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Sunday, August 10


Okay, so while I don't have any sort of art degree and admittedly take rather horrible shots for the blog, I still appreciate art. I'm not part of the Castleberry Hill scene (ha, I wish I was that cool!) and do not regularly make it to the Eyedrum or Young Blood. So take the following as what you will. I may get points for knowing what all these things are.

I've been following Jason Sho Green since high school, when his sister happened to pass out a few promotional buttons in art class. This was around the time he launched his website and was selling his first set of subversive valentines.

A lot of his earlier pieces are illustrative, quirky, and cartoonish. In a charming, awesome, unpretentious way, of course. You may have run across these gems in the past few years:

He keeps a regularly updated blog and posts his daily doodles as well as his larger, upcoming projects. If you browse through his online portfolio, you can see how his technique and subject matter evolve as he progresses through formal art education.

This is mostly a post to echo his most recent - he has shirt designs available through Hot Topic. I think that certain mall store is not my cup of tea, but Jason's illustrations very much are. It seems that there is another design available with the "mauled by bears" message, but it seems to be sold out online.

Click here to order.

If pandas aren't quite your taste, he has a design up on threadless as well! (But really who doesn't like pandas? Or unicorns, for that matter?)

Click here to purchase.

All artwork by Jason Sho Green. I'm a huge fan. Maybe you will be too.

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