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Monday, August 25

Di-diamonds on my neck

When the window displays changed at Zara after the holiday season, my coworkers went beserk and immediately started fighting over who would get what when it comes out of the window. There was especially a huge commotion over the giant diamonds scattered across the fake stairs. I agreed with everyone that they were awesome, but made a mental note to Google "diamond paperweight" and see what I could come up with.

Two jobs and several months later, I sat down and did the research. I decided that these could go with Tiffany blue covers and ceramic animals. And man, was it so not worth fighting with the other girls about. My first Google search revealed a huge selection ranging in price from $2-$25 apiece. Same with the results on eBay. The ones on eBay have funny little paintings or things inside to choose from as well.

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Apparently they're quite popular to give out as wedding favors (?) and are cheap in bulk. This selection comes from Favors by Serendipity. But like I said, a single search will bring up a bajillion sites.

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