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Wednesday, August 27

Blame the weather

So once again, I must apologize for my lack of fashion-y posts. However, I never really clearly defined what my blog is about so maybe it will continue to carry on like this - more writing, less pictures of me. A little more for the intelligentsia as well as a little more for the Gossip Girl.

I will attempt to explain why I have been so fashion negligent.

1. Most obviously and recently, the weather has been crap here. Talk to people that have grown up in Atlanta and many will tell you, "If you don't like the weather, just wait a week." Usually that really only applies February-May. Since the drought last summer, it has been up and down constantly. I felt that warm weather was cut short on both ends. Right now we're experiencing the aftermath of whatever hurricanes are hitting the Gulf. It has been on the verge of monsooning or tornado-ing for the past week. I have been unable to take photos as the lighting is poor and my photo space is wet.

2. Unemployment. I didn't have a job all summer and had squandered my retail paychecks on vacations and well, things purchased at the mall. Fashion is not a financially forgiving hobby. I quit shopping cold turkey for a couple of weeks. I haven't bought magazines in months. It's kind of nice because this affords me the opportunity to figure out what exactly my taste is, because I often confuse it with what Elle tells me it is. Also, I've spent a huge portion of my online bloggable hours job hunting rather than "researching."

Actually that's not so many excuses. The main reason I wanted to make this post is to reveal what I'm actually doing right now. I don't know why I was being so secretive, but I'm working again! I haven't figured out what will happen with my engineering degree, but I now get to work at my favorite store, getting to look at beautiful garments and smell soaps and candles all day. Yes, you know already I was obsessed with Anthropologie, now I get to spend hours in the store and it is called working (rather than being addicted and getting dragged away by my sister telling me, "YOU DON'T NEED THIS. THIS MONEY SHOULD GO TOWARDS THINGS YOU NEED, LIKE AN APARTMENT!").

I tried to convince my manager to lend me to the visuals team a few hours a week so I could do arts and crafts, but that might not happen until the holiday rush. For now, I will tell you about what soaps to buy and which home goods are worth purchasing. And I will blog about how much I love J. Crew too, which conveniently (inconveniently?) happens to be across the hall.

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  1. Hi Jinah. I happened across your blog looking for reviews of TokyoMilk perfume (I just bought Honey and the Moom) and I love your style. I also appreciate your predicament with post-college unemployment and trying to decide what you want to do with your degree, because I am in the same place. Just wanted to leave some positive feedback. I also love Anthropologie. Good luck with your new job!


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