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Monday, August 25


I'm trying to transition into being more grown up lately and right now that means I am in home decorating mode. Or redecorating, or whatever. Due to this urge, my first goal upon getting on my feet financially is investing in a Tempurpedic mattress. Not a Chanel bag or red-soled pumps. I want a bed that is like sleeping on a cloud, because naptime is more important to me than accessories. (Have I blasphemed and lost my small readership? Oops.)

So in this sudden housewares interest, I've been poring over pages of duvets, wall art, shower curtains, secretary desks, and even bath towels. I even broke things down into two categories: beautiful things that are absurdly unaffordable, and less-beautiful things that are potential purchases.

List 1: Urban Princess, Shabby Chic

Image Hosted by
I guess this is not extraordinary, but it is definitely pretty. It's pretty, it's reversible and looks cloud-soft. Oh, and it looks princessy and one hundred times more ladylike than my current pop art crazy bedding. Perhaps one day soon if I can swing some kind of magic discount.

Rooftop Garden Bedding, Anthropologie, $88 (pillow shams) - $248 (king duvet cover).

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This would match the bed. A loveseat would be perfect in a dressing room. That and it's pretty. Can you just imagine reading on this sofa next to a window streaming sunlight while reading Jane Austen? You see my point.

Milo Sofa, Anthropologie, $2998.

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Matching vanity. I would use it as a desk, probably. The storage shelves with mirror is an add-on. Too bad they stopped making this color. WHY. I suppose I could buy the eggshell one and paint it, but it's just not the same!

I saw this in a past issue of Teen Vogue in one of those room makeover articles. The designers put in two (TWO!) of these in that girl's room and they are so lovely. I wish it didn't cost more than all the Ikea furniture I've accumulated over the past three years.

Lilac Desk (shown with Vanity Mirror Hutch), PBteen, $199 (for hutch in blue) - $399 (desk).

Image Hosted by
This appears to be fairly inexpensive in perspective, I guess. I can dress it up in my special formal outfits for events I'm looking forward to! I can get back into sewing because the presentation and progress will be more exciting! So many possibilities, so ridiculous in my bedroom. I think if I saw this in my room in the middle of the night I'd give myself a panic attack. Still! It's so pretty.

Dress form, PBteen, $199.

Image Hosted by
You need a lovely bathroom the match the lovely bed and princess closet room. I'm not completely sold on this shower curtain, but I've been looking around and haven't found anything truly spectacular. Maybe this would be spectacular at $25.

Eyres Shower Curtain, Anthropologie, $118.

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